No Headtracker?!?!?!

Mine came today...however packaging tells me its not the advance version and therefore no headtracker included (was promised so via...

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esc reciever

hi when will the esc reciever part be in stock for this car. need urgently

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Compatibility with FS Racing 53625 ?

Hi. Is this pragramation card compatible with FS Racing 53625 ESC ? Thank you.

Posted 10 minutes ago   by Max Views:2 Replies:0

Is this better than default Eachine Wizard camera?

Is it default Eachine Wizard camera or something better? Default one is not very good, so I am looking for...

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Magnets type?

Moar description please. Type of Magnets required

Posted 16 minutes ago   by Artem Views:1 Replies:0

tempo de entrega

demora quantos dias para entregar no Brazil?

Posted 23 minutes ago   by Flegler l Gameplays Views:2 Replies:0

Does it measure oxygen level?

as the title. It seems this on does not measure oxygen level, is this correct?

Posted 28 minutes ago   by Lupinix Views:1 Replies:0

Color of the phone

I prefer a black mi5s but there's only a gold one on the site. When are the black one's back...

Posted 30 minutes ago   by Rikveenstra Views:2 Replies:0

Item not working

I got parcel, not working. Not able to read, not able to write. Only to select frequency. 

Posted 36 minutes ago   by Srdjan Views:0 Replies:0
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