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How much Luminous ????

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Support Wi-Fi 5GHz?

hi does anyone know this phone support Wi-Fi 5GHz?

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Manual tile

I lost the manual little rinky dink thing, is there an android app the change patterns etc or is the...

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Electrode probe

where can i find the Electrode probe to replace the old one?

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when this item will be available?

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potencia .

que potencia de salida puede entregar este modulo  puedo conectar parlantes de 80w y ya funcionan

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does it come with any warranty?

I know this product is new and still kinda in beta if things go faulty is there any warranty in...

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What is the FOV for 4:3 vs 16:9?

It seems these displays are 16:9, so does that mean switching to 4:3 crops the sides?  What is the fov...

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hello! how many batteries do you have for the aircraft?

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