Problem with order 110998376

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Post on January 06,2023 09:19#1
HiBREW Portable Coffee Machine for Car & Home,DC12V Expresso Coffee Maker Fit Nexpresso Dolce Pod Capsule Coffee Powder H4A Order No:110998376

Hello. I made  my order on 22.November.2022 and the order is still in processing state. I already contacted you via live chat several times (8 times) and the employee there every time says: "everything will be OK, You will receive email..., the order will be shipped, etc., etc...", and I wait, but unfortunately nothing happens. 8 times. So I decided to cancel my order and get a refund, I contacted again already (2 times) via live chat and the employee ensures me that in 48 hours my order will be cancelled and refunded, but again nothing happens. 2 times.

You are my last hope to resolve my case. So please cancel my order and refund me.


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