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Short story:
I bought a laptop on September 11th and I received the laptop with multiple dead pixels. As discussed with BANGGOOD I returned the laptop in order to receive a new replacement. The return has been in a sorting center since November 13th and BANGGOOD still hasn’t picked it up and also can’t tell me when they will pick it up. Please pick it up, and send me my new replacement. This is no way to treat a paying customer. Remember, it still has to be picked up, it has to be checked at the warehouse which will take approximately 1 week (according to support agent), and then it need to be sent back to me in Europe.

Long story:
I bought a laptop on September 11th and when receiving the laptop I noticed a couple of prominent dead pixels in the LCD screen. I contacted BANGGOOD and I was told that I could return the laptop in order to receive a new replacement laptop.

It literally took weeks before I had written consent to return the laptop and to receive the promise that BANGGOOD would send me a new replacement. First BANGGOOD told me that a minimum 3 dead pixels were necessary in order to qualify for this return & resend arrangement. After happily showing them 3 dead pixels using photos and videos, a couple of days later I received a message telling me that 3 dead pixels is not enough and that a minimum of 4 dead pixels is necessary to qualify for this return & resend arrangement. After showing them that I indeed have a total of 4 dead pixels, I finally received an OK from BANGGOOD. Ofcourse, this all took a couple of days. You only get 1 e-mail response per day, and each of these responses only answers 1 question, even though your e-mail might have several questions. If you have an e-mail with 4 questions, it will take you at least 4 days to have them answered. Also, there is no response in the weekends. This is not a rant, this is an observation.

Next, I had to discuss the type of shipping method to return the package. Ofcourse I had asked about this explicitly in most of my previous e-mails with BANGGOOD, but BANGGOOD just skipped those questions. After finally receiving an OK, and the necessary return address, I was able to return my package.

The package has been sent back to the BANGGOOD warehouse on October 26th, and has been received on November 13th in a sorting center near the warehouse, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China. BANGGOOD told me through e-mail that they need to pick up the package from this sorting center (see screenshot enclosed) but that they can not tell me when they will pick it up. I received this answer at least 3 times per e-mail. Remember, it has already been there since November 13th. It is already December 6th. It has not been picked up yet, and my personal support agent can not tell me when they will pick it up.

Please tell me when you will pick up my package and please pick it up as soon as possible.


Send me my new replacement before picking up my return. 

This has taken way too long and will probably still take a very long time.

I have been a happy customer of BANGGOOD for a couple of years and have bought many things from this site. But never did I expected to be treated this badly.

Please respond.

Kind regards,


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Post on December 06,2018 06:52#2

I am looking forward to your response.
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