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Post on August 28,2018 22:51#1
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My 4 shipments under India Direct Mail are shipped through Alljoy Logistics. Kindly let me know whether Alljoy will deliver the shipments to me directly or handover to some third party courier, once shipments reaches my country for final delivery.

Now that I have received 2 shipments from Banggood, I am in a position to answer my own question, which will help others using India Direct mail. Points mentioned below are as per my experience.

1. Once the shipment by Alljoy Logistics arrives at New Delhi, it goes through Customs clearance process.

2. Customs clearance takes 2 to 3 days.

3. After Customs clearance, the shipment is taken over by Ecom Express for last mile delivery.

4. In Alljoy tracking page, there will be no mention of Ecom Express or the new AWB number of Ecom Express.

5. You can input the Alljoy tracking number in Ecom Express tracking search box to get the current status. Once the item is marked Out for Delivery you will receive an SMS from Ecom Express.

6. Finally Ecom Express delivers the item at your doorstep.

I am not aware if any other third party courier service is employed by Alljoy for last mile delivery of items shipped under India Direct Mail

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Post on September 03,2018 15:56#2
Thanks for this information. Please tell us following: 1. Does shipment always arrives in Delhi or does it go to Mumbai, Banagalore Chennai 2. If custom duty is required, does Ecom Express handle that for us or we are contacted for that. 3. Is there any other courier involved or it is always Ecom. 4. Exactly when we start getting status from Ecom tracking site. AllJoy Logistics currently showing reached to destination airport. Does it mean Delhi or Mumbai. How can we find that. Thanks in advance bro.
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Post on September 23,2018 00:27#3
Dear Jagatbandhu

Thank you for sharing this information. 

Let see how it get delivered here using Ecom Express.
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Post on October 04,2018 10:16#4
Just an update, it was delivered by Delhivery.
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Post on October 14,2018 00:42#5
Gati is better than alljoy
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