Air parcel register

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Post on August 27,2018 04:41#1
Xiaomi Mi A1 MiA1 Global Version 5.5 inch 4GB RAM 32GB Snapdragon 625 Octa core 4G Smartphone Order No:53377072
how long takes it untill it is arrived when there is:
2018-08-24 15:43 NLAMSA ITM_EXP_170 Aankomst bij grenspunt in het land van bestemming

with the air parcel register?
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Post on September 16,2018 02:42#2

but I could not track my item,
moreover, the Expected delivery date: increased today from  2018-10-28 to 2018-11-04  more than 45 days.
please look into the matter.

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