Recibo producto ROTO y BANGGOOD busca excusas para no enviarme nada

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Post on July 10,2018 01:59#1
A few weeks ago I received a Eachine Lizard 105S for € 150. When I started it, I checked that the motors were not working, I was only doing the first part of the initial test beep. I contacted Banggood to solve the issue, they gave me a series of indications (swap the engines and record it on video), they stopped working completely, and the beginning of the test did not sound. They told me that if I had a FC, that I tried to put it to see if that was the problem, I tried a MATEK F4, same result, on top of my MATEK died on the spot. I also tried the motors connected to other ESCs and they did not work either. Come on, clearly the ESC was defective and has been spoiling all the components that connect to them. After losing an own product of € 30 and sending them 4 videos showing the whole situation, they say that only the FC and the ESCs send me, that it is impossible for the engines to be broken. What lack of shame is this? quite that I do not demand that they send me the COMPLETE product because it is defective or I claim nothing for the FC that I have broken when doing their tests that above they come with these chulerías and disrespect to who is their client?

I will reclaim the money from my bank, then I will appeal to the European consumer service agency and the police.

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