Warning about purchasing from "US" warehouse - DOES NOT EXISTS

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Post on June 12,2018 17:36#1
After making several purchases from the US warehouse site and speaking with others that live in US and also purchased from this site I have come to the conclusion that there is no "US" warehouse.  DHL is acting as a reshipping entity for banggood and depending on if your order just missed the last shipment and sits to wait for the next pallet to fill, order times vary greatly.  I'm guessing they fill a pallet with orders, then ship it to one of two US DHL sites that integrate packages into local USPS locations.  Perhaps if your order was processed on the same day that a shipment was leaving the actual banggood overseas warehouse, you may get it sooner - but I have never received nor have heard anyone else receiving an order in the advertised "3-7 business days".  Order times for me have ranged from slightly faster than, to taking way longer than, ordering from the standard various CN warehouses.  Case in point - I placed an order for items from the "US" warehouse and had some items in my shopping cart from one of the various CN warehouses.  The order coming from China beat the order coming from the "US" warehouse by 5 days so far.  Tracking info for US order indicates activity only on the date of the order (May 25th - its now June 12) while the CN order indicated activity at each step of the way.  I have found from previous orders that orders from US warehouse only show activity on the day the order was processed, then again when it reaches the US DHL reship site.  Then updates start coming in thru USPS tracking.  There's a blackout on tracking the entire time the package is bundled in with many other orders on a pallet until it has cleared customs and that pallet is broken down into individual packages at DHL's location.
I wanted to spread caution to anyone else who may have been taken in by the "3-7 business day" and "US warehouse" advertising as this is simply not true.  I understand the need for banggood to have a US warehouse, however being deceitful about such a warehouse even existing is total BS.  Inflated priceing when purchasing items from "US warehouse" for the convenience of getting them a little faster is also deceitful.
This may make some buyers feel that defective items may be returned more easily, or they don't have to worry about shipments taking weeks on a slow boat from CN.
I have looked all through the US website and have not been able to locate an address or any information that supports actually having a location in the US.  The only indication of location comes from tracking - depending on which side of the US you are, your package shows being handled by DHL located in NJ or CA.  While if this was true, orders placed in CA would need to be taxed state sales tax as the order was sent from and delivered to the same state.  This does not happen.

To summarize - Don't pay the inflated prices listed on the "US" warehouse expecting anything different or faster than if you purchased from the standard banggood site. While its possible to get your package a few days sooner, my experiences have indicated it will actually take longer than if ordered the traditional manner.  If you need something fast, find a US based seller and pay the shipping fees.
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Post on June 12,2018 19:49#2
No, there are US warehouses in LA and Brooklyn where Banggood had pre-positioned inventory of popular items and consumables.  It very well be DHL frieght forwarding service, but orders are being shipped from US stock only when the user selects AND its in stock at the time of ship.  The US warehouses do operate different hours and somewhat less than responsive to pull and ship than the BG China warehouses. It sounds like your item was backordered, and fullfilled when available.  Thats an inventory discrepancy in the US stock, it happens when the last remaining items are damaged or not fresh in quality.  SO at least what you got was latest revision and new.
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Post on June 12,2018 21:39#3
Here's a screenshot of tracking info from a US order using the mobile app.  I can also use tracking # and DHL eCommerce website to see the same tracking results the app shows, however the BG website only shows DHL awaiting package and doesn't reveal any results from country of origin.   Also is the screenshot from the same order listed as a US warehouse order.  It was indicated shipped 24hrs after it was placed.

Previous US orders have CN characters all over the package.  If the warehouse was truly in the US, why is it covered in Chinese stamps & labels?  The outside of the package shows it went thru some sort of CN mailing system.
I'm not one to bash BG for whatever reason - I shop there a lot and have had mostly good experiences.  I don't mind waiting the 3-4 weeks an item usually takes to get here.  However, blatant false advertising of a US warehouse when they simply have a forwarding service agreement with DHL is a bit far.  The items are not in the US when they are ordered.  They very well may have a constant flow of popular items going into the DHL service, then the shipping label follows - but its not a warehouse with items in stock that pulls orders and packages them for shipment on US soil.

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