Tracking problem

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Post on June 10,2018 22:58#1
I have ordered some items 

Above are the order nos. I have read that through india direct mail people will get the delivery within 6 working days. 

I am expecting the same.
But shipment is moving like snail. 
Will you please check and gear up the shipment speed.

I look forward to hearing from you soon..

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Post on June 12,2018 17:16#2

On the 30th of May I've ordered an item with order number 49824620 through Priority Air Mail. On the 1st. of June I've received the information that the item was shipped with the a given tracking number (LX45...26NL)... Since then I'm unable to get any further information about this order... I'm unable to get tracking information as well!
Can you please give any information about it?
Thank you very much!

Kind regards
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