what am I doing wrong: Affiliate income just stopped!

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Post on May 22,2018 08:46#1
It's been a few weeks since I felt the drop in sales through referrals at banggood. And recently it stopped everything. This weekend I had the proof that something is wrong:
People always ask me for some banggood product recommendation and I always took the product url and include my code at the end to send for them to buy. I always did it and it always worked.
A friend just asked me for a protector for the spark and I passed the link for her to buy:

note that in the end is my code

she bought through this link, and so far nothing is figuring out in my affiliate sales (https://www.banggood.com/Affiliate-center.html).
Her order request is number 49422321

what am I doing wrong?

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Post on May 23,2018 08:58#2
the correct reference doce is: https://www.banggood.com/5-in-1-Gimbal-Camera-Lens-Sensor-Screen-Cover-Case-Cap-Protector-Guard-For-DJI-SPARK-Drone-p-1198383.html?p=ZI23119120249201702U

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Post on May 24,2018 16:59#3
Many of us are experiencing this as you can read in this long thread https://forum.banggood.com/forum-topic-451670.html?page=4

Banggood says everything is ok

If you tell them something is wrong they would make orders with your code to "prove" to you tha everithing is ok, you will see them on your affiliate center.
But who would belive that thas proves anithing, right?
Then if you have an order number that was not recorded on your affiliate center they will fix it as long as it was not made on a device that you use to log in to your banggood account or they would say you made the purchase and so the system automatically ban that sell.

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Post on May 24,2018 17:01#4
When did your sells dropped? 
Are you new affiliate tha mayde good sales then after your first withdraw the sale begun to go down?
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