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Post on April 16,2018 07:28#1

your  emal  is not working good, i cannot send you a photo.

it is about Order No: 43757947  

so all i can say for now, payback time, and reallly fast.

really , shame on you.


Jeroen baars
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Post on April 16,2018 16:12#2
Sir I purchased Skywalker Falcon flying model kit from your site by order no 46472868. As per the terms and conditions on your website on tariff insurance on my order no 46472868, all the duties and taxes imposed by the customs ( govt of India) on my order were to be refunded to me. The breakdown on the duties levied by authorities on the pack are as follows BCD and Cess ( Basic Customs Duty and Cess collected by customs) INR 264/- IGST ( Import Goods and Services Tax levied by Govt and collected by customs department) INR 745/- Postal Fees ( Levied by postal department for payment of customs duty on behalf of the addressee) INR 100/- Total INR 1109/- The receipt scans of the same were sent for reference. These duties are correct as per the Customs rules of India and can be verified online. As a customer I had to pay the amount ( INR 1109/-) for the duties at the time of delivery of the parcel else the package would have been returned. I had the faith in your website that the charges would be refunded to me as per the promise made during the purchase of the item. However it is very dissapointing to learn by your email that you cannot honour the commitment made by you to a customer at the time of sale. I would henceforth lose all the trust in your website and feel that I have been cheated with a false promise. Even I was not aware of the customs duties which were imposed on the package. The very purpose of tarrif Insurance is to cover such unforseen situation. Therefore I request you to reconsider your position and refund the duties paid by me for the package of my order. Awaiting your reply on the same. Best regards Sidharth S Gehlot
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