www.banggood.com Fraud Company

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Post on March 31,2018 01:14#1

Never buy any products from www.banggood.com they are fraud company, their products are very bad in quality, delivery items are very bad and you need to pay extra from your pocket when you get this delivery. Replacement and Warranty service is even bad then the products. I suggest people not to buy any products from this company and you will lose your money. Thanks.

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Post on April 12,2018 08:54#2
"The earlier a child undergoes therapy for stuttering, the better the results in the long term" (October 22, 2008 Stuttering Awareness Day). Looks like someone missed the chance...



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Post on April 17,2018 02:29#3
Hello, Froggy has given up counting words, now he and his very weird sense of humour is counting posts.  How making multiple posts equates to a medical condition only a Frog can say. I'm thinking perhaps if Froggy found himself a life and stopped counting things his mental aberration may subside.  

Froggy, to date you've made a complete ass of yourself on far too many occasions, try counting them instead. No, we don't wish to know how many, keep it to yourself.  By the way, has anyone ever come across a French comedian on the International stage?  No?  I'm not really surprised. I suppose they'd just sit there counting something and making references to people's unfortunate afflictions. Only Frogs could find that funny.  
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