www.banggood.com Fraud Company

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Fraud Company

Never buy any products from www.banggood.com they are fraud company, their products are very bad in quality, delivery items are very bad and you need to pay extra from your pocket when you get this delivery. Replacement and Warranty service is even bad then the products. I suggest people not to buy any products from this company and you will lose your money. Thanks.

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Post on March 31,2018 06:57#2
Oh dear, yet another millennial waking up to the real world. Something doesn't go his way and everyone's to blame but himself. Firstly there's no such thing as a "Fraud Company"  Fraudulent perhaps, but even that is wrong. BangGood can't be accused of defrauding anyone, misleading, tricking or fooling definitely, but certainly not defrauding, possibly a better understanding of English would be a good thing for Vinesh.

Strangely we aren't treated to the gory details of his "fraudulent" purchase, just libelous and childish claims is all we get, Why would he think he has the stature to advise anyone to stop buying, thousands of customers a day happily buy from BangGood.  OK, their shipping is reverting to lengthy times of 5 years ago and yes the packaging is rather poor, but I'm finding more and more items are boxed and then put inside the plastic bags. Perhaps a little more care should be used when sealing the ends of the protective foam to stop items from spilling out and puncturing the plastic bags, but if he believes everything should come in a sturdy cardboard box then perhaps he should be prepared to pay for the luxury.

Sadly, just another spoiled brat trying desperately trying to show the world he's important enough to be able to convince the world he should be taken notice of, but failing rather badly.  But at least he realizes he'd look even sillier if he explained exactly why his purchase was so bad. Hopefully he'll wake up one day and understand that he got exactly what he paid for. In the meantime he'll keep expecting diamonds when all he paid for was glass. Poor Little Vinesh.  
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Post on November 03,2018 06:09#3
Definitely a fraud. NO more purchase from Banggood. Thanks to myself that, mine was first purchase and is the last too!
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