FORUM CLOSED - We Have Now Closed Down The Forum!!

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Post on April 05,2018 03:44#11
'It's not as simple as just using FB, ,most sites, including ours, have a facebook pixel, so there is already data on your habits even if you are not directly going on facebook. They still are building a profile on you unless you re blocking this through your browser.' I know it's not so simple but opinions count and 95% of the time I do enjoy shopping with Banggood. The thing is some of us do spend time not trying to join all the dots for these companies regardless of the methods used for tracking. Moves like this force another privacy trail. 
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Post on April 08,2018 05:18#12
Quote: tagora35 Post on March 30,2018 09:32

hello , 
you think about those who do not have facebook  ,  like me

I do not think I'm the only one

Right, Facebook.....
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Post on April 12,2018 18:29#13
What a bad decision, the other way around (closing down on FB) would have made more sense. 
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Post on April 19,2018 07:42#14
It seems most people don't use FB for BangGood help and support - I haven't got an account, so unless you can mirror the content somewhere else, it's useless to me. Think again BG - FB is for the lowest common denominator.
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Post on April 21,2018 11:48#15
That may be the end for me.. as I don't have facebook account because I love my privacy
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Post on May 11,2018 02:12#16
The company nose dived when Ali left!
I've now stopped promoting the Banggood affiliate program because there's only one payment method - by PayPay - and the calculation of commission for new customers is broken - with nobody interested in fixing it. Customer service has also gone from one of the best to one of the worst companies in China. Now you're removing the last platform for people to voice their opinions, good or bad. The website now looks - and is as bad - as GearBest's tacky site.
Goodbye Banggood. It's a sad day for everyone.
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Post on May 12,2018 19:43#17
Bad news for me: I have no Facebook account, and I don't want to have one...
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Post on May 14,2018 09:34#18
AND **** YOU MARCOS. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to tell us where you got your degree in Psychiatry. Call me "mentally ill" you jumped up twerp. You have no idea what the term means and for your information EVERYTHING I've posted on this "forum" has been 100% fact. Just because you don't happen to like it, tough luck. It's gutless morons like yourself who perpetuate the problems we see with BangGood.

I'd say I'm sorry you can't understand what I write, but I'm not sorry, I honestly couldn't give a stuff about you and your childish insults. For your information I've been responsible for a number of things which pulled BangGood from being a crap Chinese seller to one with respect. Sadly that has all been thrown out and they've reverted to the sham they once were. They suddenly found their customer base growing and sales shooting upward, their big mistake was suddenly thinking they could do no wrong. Us Westerners would follow them no matter what they did. Add to that their insatiable greed and uncalled for price hikes, plus attempting to run a business in the barest possible way, they've now decided to gag us all and stop the negativity they've gained.

Check out their beloved FaceBook page, comments are vetted before posting and then only the latest two are shown. What I originally said would happen when they mentioned they were closing this forum is spot on. They intend to hide any bad comments and pretend everything is great. I did warn them about shutting us down, so now that it's been finalised, I'll now launch my own FaceBook page and give their customers a platform. I have a feeling they'll be sorry they tried to stop honest comment.

As for the BS from "Admin" sorry all the BS in the world won't change how bad your BangGood has become. But you continue to mislead customers with your Chinese logic, fake prices and those little tricks you're using. Tricks that have been outlawed in most countries. Common decency should stop any honest retailer from stooping to the depths you've managed to sink to, but where there's no regulation I guess we'll always find those willing to fleece their customers.

I must admit I find my time on BangGood rather humerous. When I was supporting BangGood I was a shill and a BangGood employee, now that I've changed tack it appears I'm mentally ill, at least according to some wog who appears to have some Diploma of Psychiatry. I'd happily match my wits with him anywhere and at any time. Somehow I don't think he will, it's no good trying to fire a bullet using blanks Marcos. But you go right ahead and call your childish names, you don't put food on my table so as far as I'm concerned "Get ****ed" suits you perfectly.

One last thing BangGood. You'll notice the lack of orders on my account. I've had enough of your underhanded schemes and greed. In the past month I've purchased 7 quadcopters and not the toy types. DJI has been my main supplier. Add to those my insatiable thirst for new technology and gadgets and that means BangGood has missed out on a large chunk of cash. I will now dedicate my spare time to making sure people find out how to avoid the scams being pulled by Chinese on-line retailers, plus give the unsuspecting buyers an insight into buying from them. I won't change their need to buy, I'll hopefully change where they buy from. A warning of what to expect from money hungry sellers.
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Post on May 15,2018 06:55#19
Affiliate also not working ,,, we knew that something fishy was goin on and after that admin decided to close affiliate forum.
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Post on June 08,2018 03:48#20
Don't think it was the right step. With FB data bridge and everything, sending personal information will be hard
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