FORUM CLOSED - We Have Now Closed Down The Forum!!

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Post on March 27,2018 04:12#1
We are phasing out the forum section of Banggoods empire, we have already removed access to the forum from the website and will eventually be removing the ability to post new content. This means we are no longer regularly checking or responding to any posts.
The product Questions and Answers section on every product page is still the best place to help others and ask questions directly about our products. SO if you are having trouble with an item, or are an expert wanting to share your knowledge, head on over to the product page and ask or answer a question.

Facebook is our biggest community and generates awesome engagement. They also have a continual development of features and functions to keep people coming back.

The forum functions need an intensive upgrade to bring user retainment and modern mobile functionality. We also don't want to compete with ourselves and see one social channel as a great way to focus our communication and centralize your connection with Banggood.

Thanks for your contributions

To our community, thanks for all your posts over the years and for making it the place it was. There is a group of users who have given a lot and have made some great discussions.

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When the project is completed, it will also ask those who already own the item to help others.

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Post on March 29,2018 11:48#2
But fb is a terrible place to provide personal lifestyle data beyond what it already can't be trusted with. I don't want them being privvy to my buying habits.
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Post on March 30,2018 09:32#3

hello , 
you think about those who do not have facebook  ,  like me

I do not think I'm the only one
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Post on March 31,2018 07:23#4
"to bring user retainment and mobile functionality"  Whatever that's supposed to mean.  More like gives BangGood an easier way to delete comments they don't like. As far as I'm aware, anyone "Mobile" can use the forum as it stands, they can still make purchases whilst on their way to work via their smart phones and tablets.  They can also read what's entered in this forum.  Can anyone imagine honest comments are going to appear on FaceBook? Somehow I very much doubt it. All we'll get are the usual misleading and archaic selling practices, plenty of typical BangGood advertising with their phony sales and gimmicks.

Another cost cutting exercise to improve that bottom line and keep those millions of dollars flowing into BangGood's coffers every month.  Tell the truth BangGood, you're not giving us anything, just stifling what we have to say. We won't be able to use your FaceBook page to point out the tricks you use, or to complain about buying problems, I guarantee the only things we'll be seeing is endless advertising.  

But watch out BangGood, this move of yours could be a big mistake. 
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Post on March 31,2018 21:25#5
They closed affiliate payment via western union because of a funny reason. Now, they are closing forum. Shipping problems are beginning to happen frequently. VIP price trick. Something going wrong with banggood, but what is it? You are on wrong way banggood.
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Post on April 02,2018 12:19#6
I just tried to buy something on the VIP page, 13 cents plus 50 points it says.  I click on it and suddenly that 13 cents has risen to $23 So just to see what happens I entered 100 points for the two I wanted, NO DIFFERENCE. Is it just another BangGood scam? Or am I doing something wrong. These are exactly the things which are driving customers away. Ad to that their wish for secrecy, their big price increases across the board for no other reason that that of making more money, plus their abysmal discounts which are dressed up to look as if we're getting big savings and that ever present "FAKE" price with a line through it which no item has ever sold for. "You've saved $xxxx" they say, NO, it's not a saving when that price is completely fake and made up as soon as a new item gets listed.

Go to their "New Listings" or "Just Arrived" you'll notice that as soon as a new item is displayed it has a price, PLUS a price they've invented to make the lower price look like a saving.  It's a very old trick which has been outlawed in every civilized country. It's a sign that BangGood will stoop to any level to get your money.  

And that, by the way, is exactly why BangGood is closing down these forums.  Has anyone taken the time to actually look at their many Facebook pages?  Don't waste your time, it's endless adverts, no feedback from Customers, no customer input, nothing but ads. Personally I think their intakes of new customers must be dropping and they're madly trying to find something to blame. They obviously can't believe it's their lousy shipping times, lousy tracking and inflated prices along with their poor customer service. They clearly don't believe it could any of those along with word of mouth.  I used to tell everyone what a great place BangGood was.  And that's the problem, they weren't too bad 18 months or 2 years ago. They still had problems, but nowhere near as bad as they are today.  They've allowed themselves to believe we'll buy anything at any cost.  Yes there are people who will happily pay MORE than the item costs at their local stores, just because they think what they're buying must be a bargain, simply because it's a Chinese on-line store.

Thankfully one day they'll wake up and realise they're not getting the bargains they thought they were getting. Maybe that day is already here, hence the closing of this forum. In my opinion, if BangGood keeps going the way they have been over the past 12 months, they're doomed to failure. Even their staff don't like working for BangGood. Whilst they're grateful for having a job, sooner or later they also wake up and see that they're being used, is it any wonder they're in such a mess? each staff member is expected to do the work of 3. That's how BangGood treats them,  they know there's a massive queue of people wanting to a job and they'll work every staff member into the ground before spitting them out. And that's exactly the way they treat their customers. Squeeze the money out of them, treat them badly and when they walk away there's a massive queue of customers waiting to join.  If their taking for the months since Christmas has dropped, it certainly would surprise me and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't continue to drop and that line starts shrinking.

I don't know how other customers are coping, but I'm buying more from Ebay than ever before. This is now the first time I haven't been waiting for orders to turn up, I'm expecting nothing from BangGood and sadly that's the way it's going to be into the future. Actually that's not completely true, I've been buying much more from HobbyKing lately, but only due to their Free Shipping. Perhaps BangGood could take note of how well HobbyKing's shipping and packaging works. They may learn something.
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Post on April 04,2018 00:49#7
Hey Stu, ive gone a bit deeper here..
The retainment is something that has limited growth
Most other social platforms and other forums can notify users of updates and allow people to subscribe to a topic or section.
We have struggled to grow the community as we lack any real pullback, other than if someone gets a reply. Content, even if good content does not go far without the eyes. And in the age of notifications and constant updates, very few people do anything unless it is pushed out to them.
Attention is the new economy and it is very tough to compete for attention when everyone gets notifications all day and we cannot send any.
We have in the past put in a lot of effort for some events and had good results, but this result is not long term. After each event, it is back to the previous levels.
To execute an event on another platform, such as Facebook, you get a retained base as new people will like and become a subscriber, and some will receive notifications for new posts. The interaction also benefits the Banggood facebook page as it can increase organic visibility as facebook rewards pages that have more interaction.
So essentially, after a forum event there is no forum user growth but put the same event on Facebook and we get more fans, more reach, and new users are long-term connected to us through notifications and also targeted advertising.

Why does this matter?
If we run an event, or giveaway we always rely on external sources to get traffic and eyes, I have no functions to reach out to active community members unless I individually message them. Even if you want to receive updates of a new event or deal you cant unless you come and check the forum manually. If we had a notification system similar to other platforms, we could actually grow user participation by re-engaging users who have already been in the forum. That would generate over time a growth curve, it would also over time bring more loyal users, like you; and further, deepen the community.
To further compound this, most users are mobile and the mobile usability does not currently allow for posting photos and videos or other content, so participation in events and the community is not as fluid as other places.
Instead of developing these functions, it has been decided to close the forum, as mentioned earlier facebook is already ingrained in most of our users. It's much easier to be part of a user's already developed habit, than to try to teach them a new habit. The costs to upgrade also push the decision to close. We have many other projects and ideas, so there is tough competition for resources.
What about now?
The forum is a great source of information so about 80% of our traffic comes from google search, people wanting information about things relating to Banggood. This is still growing, however, they don't usually post and will leave once the answer is found.
When it comes to actual activity; the vast majority of new users that post are people who want order help or want to post feedback, often negative, about their banggood experience. Without fan retainment, we only get new users who are looking through the site for help and come across the forum. This is not engaging content and does not encourage others to post. It also adds complication to customer service as often the same user will ask on many platforms at once. Removing the forum will remove this option and naturally direct everyone looking for help on our site to directly contact customer service.
Facebook and all platforms have people commenting on feedback, but they also balance that by pulling others in to comment.
What about the future
Instead of the forum, the Q&A of product pages have been invested in and is already showing signs of success, being on the product page it also keeps the discussion on the product. Key to that is also a new notification system, that will pull users to post to help others.
For events, the plan is to run events on Facebook and keep things growing over there.
For those that do love the forum and have been active, im sure you can relate to the lack of ability to connect or get a feed of things you want to follow.
I hope that explains things a bit deeper, there are other factors too but these are the main ones. And am happy to explain more if anyone has further questions.

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Post on April 04,2018 00:52#8
Quote: TripleSub Post on March 29,2018 11:48 But fb is a terrible place to provide personal lifestyle data beyond what it already can't be trusted with. I don't want them being privvy to my buying habits.

It's not as simple as just using FB, ,most sites, including ours, have a facebook pixel, so there is already data on your habits even if you are not directly going on facebook. They still are building a profile on you unless you re blocking this through your browser. 

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Post on April 04,2018 00:54#9
You c
Quote: tagora35 Post on March 30,2018 09:32

hello , 
you think about those who do not have facebook  ,  like me

I do not think I'm the only one

You can still use the comments and questions section on the website to find out about products

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Post on April 04,2018 10:25#10
Killing the forum and switching to FB will not make me buy more. Actually it tells me that Banggood wants more "easy" (Read stupid) customers that don't demand support for their purchases and are easier to mislead. All this in expense of the old loyal customers. Losing the forum is not that big of a deal, as it is horribly moderated and full of mentally ill people like chocksaway, but still this tells a sad story about the direction Banggood wants to take in the future. The forum could easily be better social place and marketing tool than FB, but it needs effort from Banggood. (Good and active moderation for one!) Clearly Banggood is not interested about building a community for customers, they rather try to get everything for free from FB and we all know how that is going to end up for us, the loyal paying customers. Less quality and support, more sucker customers that are easy to mislead. Your reputation as a honourable seller with trustworthy customer support is already quite questionable, this new move does not promise anything better in this subject. Does Banggood want to be more like the horrible Wish? If so, I will definitely shop elsewhere in the future...
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