Waiting to fly away... And still waiting... And still waiting...

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Post on March 13,2018 14:53#1
ORDER: 44802473

I'm pissed off. I already wrote with 2 coworkers in the IRC and got only stupid answers.

I made an order on 21/02/2018 and paid directly via bank transfer.
On 24/02/2018 the payment was confirmed and my package was sent.
I opted for Priority Shipping (which cost me € 5.57) and has a shipping time of 7-12 business days.

Today is day 12 of 12 and the package has not even left Hong Kong. Status: waiting to fly away (since 28.02.2018).

The shipping time was thus exceeded and even if the package goes out today, it takes at least 5-12 days to the destination.

From the support I receive only the answer that they are sorry and that they hope that I receive my shipment soon. I do not need this blah, I just want my package, after all I've paid for it.

This shop does not give me a reason to order here again. I pay for the shipment under the above conditions and receive a minor service which is unprofessional. The answer of the support was more or less "sorry, your bad luck". I will not continue to order here although the selection is good, it is not a serious shop if you do not offer a solution, I have so far only problems with the shipment of this shop, only 3 out of 8 packages arrived in the promised time.

Likewise with my friends and acquaintances to order the parts for their drones and electronics here, only problems with the shop. I can not recommend this store, I rather recommend ordering from here if I think so about the answers of the support.

In comparison, another shop selling the parts for drones gets it shipped within the promised time, should the time not be met, the shop **** King clarified it with DPD / GLS, not me as a customer.

The support of DPD HK is not available / website not reachable, the Global DPD group can not find anything with the tracking number. Banggood support doeasnt care...

Absolut Crap...
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