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Post on March 13,2018 05:20#1
I ordered a cell phone last week and there were stocks, but now it's running out.
When was it sent to me?
If they take too long, I would like to get my money back, is that possible?

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Post on March 24,2018 01:19#2
Dearcristianlh93,thanks for contact us, your order has been shipped on2018/3/14.
Its estimated delivery time is 7-30business days, and the tracking information of this order will be updated at important logistics stations or once it arrives in your country. Please consider that business days do not include weekends and public holidays.
Deliveries might be delayed due to unavoidable conditions, like slower customs clearance procedures or poor weather conditions.

If you have any further question, please contact us: Us_hi111.We are willing to help you solve any problem you met with the product. Hoping your kindly understanding, we wish you have a nice day.

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