Too much problems with European Direct Mail

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Post on March 02,2018 08:05#1
My order seems to be stuck since 1 month. I was supposed to  receive it within 15 days max. I can't get a clear answer from banggood.
I received the other spplitted parts of my order (standard shipping) but the ones sended with european Direct mail are lost or stucked somewhere. There is to much shipping problems and Banggood doesn't seem to worrry about it.
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Post on March 02,2018 17:05#2
I agree. 2 orders (2 Mi Drones) have not yet been shipped after more than a month from the order. Very bad.
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Post on March 03,2018 14:16#3
как вернуть свои деньги?
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Post on March 06,2018 04:18#4
Yes, same problem here. Ordered on 8/02 via Europe Direct mail and as for now 6/03, no signs of a package. I contacted Banggood and the only answer I got is that they will only look at it when the 60 days of maximal shipping time is past. They litterally wrote: "Please patiently wait 35 more days"... I found out how the mailing route works. Packages are sent via Flyt to the GLS location of Puurs in Belgium and from there on it is distributed by GLS to the rest of Europe.

I selected the European direct mail, because they promised fast delivery (7 to 15 working days), but it seems to be the slowest shipping method they have. Looking on other fora, you see a lot of people with the same problem. Some got their packages after more than 40 days, some others not, even after more than 45 days. That is very far from the promised 15 working days...

Things I ordered 2 weeks (20/02) later via the normal Priority Direct mail were delivered today. So I think that Banggood should really work on this European Direct Mail and could offer their customers who ordered stuff to be sent by this method some compensation.

I am a good customer at Banggood (VIP4) but this time I am really disappointed by their level of service!
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Post on March 06,2018 10:39#5
I have the same problem, i bought my Horus X10S the 19/01/18 and the tracking is the same since the shipping......"GLS Puurs Belgium"
BG always replyes me to wait the 60 days......only lost time.
My question is.....what's happened!? How is this delay possible!?
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Post on March 13,2018 14:35#6
same problem here ... almost 35 days and still nothing :(
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Post on March 14,2018 12:41#7
Hello guys, I had same problem. Yesterday i have opened a dispute on paypal. Today my order is hanged over to gls :) grettings ;] do the same; ]
My tracking number: 612838967098

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Post on March 31,2018 10:36#8
Absolutamente decepcionado con el servicio desde el almacen europa. El envio por B2C europe register es una estafa. Mi pedido fué devuelto sin haber llegado a mi casa. Decian "dirección desocupada" y yo lo estaba esperando. Ningun aviso ni en buzón ni en teléfono. He solicitado reenvio, pagando de nuevo el transporte, pero lo han vuelto a enviar por este transportista, si no llega pondré disputa en PayPal, pues solicité otro transportista y lo envian por el mismo.
Banggood: preocuparos algo más de vuestros envio, pues si vuelvo a ver que mandais por este transportista no compraré.
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Post on July 09,2018 18:28#9
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Ordered a cell phone via European Direct Mail  (3 weeks?)

Ordered: 30/05/2018  (24H in stock)
Shipped: 05/06/2018  (1 week later)

Still waiting  (6 weeks)

Item in transitFlyt Express  (34 days)
Parcel was not yet handed over to Belgium GLS on 10/07/2018

Opened dispute and escalated to claim with Paypal
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Post on July 13,2018 11:51#10
Muy mal European direct mail y muy mal banggood fatal su trato al cliente. Después de 3 contactos con su servicio de atención al cliente al 4oya no me aceptaban los mensajes. Deben creer que soy muy pesado cuando saben perfectamente que tengo toda la razón del mundo en quejarme del tiempo que está tardando mi pedido en llegar mucho más que esos 15 días que te dicen y que son MENTIRA
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