Shipping Situation During Chinese New Year

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Post on February 07,2018 20:05#1

Hi everyone, the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming.

It`s the most important Festival for Chinese people around the world, just like Christmas.

This is the only time of the year many can go back to their hometown and recharge their batteries.

Shipping Situation During Chinese New Year

When does Banggood go on holiday?

Most of us get from February 14th to 18th, 5 days in total.

To keep operations running smoothly, we will still have a crew of BG service staff and promotion teams working during the holidays.

Processing/Shipping delays for Chinese New Year (2.14-2.21)

Orders that have been shipped from our Chinese warehouse during the holidays will be delayed by 5-10 business days, delays for each shipping option are listed below.

· Standard Shipping - 7 business days;

· EMS - 5 business days;

· Expedited Shipping - 10 business days;

· Priority Direct Mail - 4-10 business days

Shipping delays are unavoidable as all our shipping partners will be on Chinese New Year Holidays

Customer Service Delays

Product Questions: Normally we aim to answer product questions within 48 hours. During the holiday it could be 6-10 days until you receive a reply to your product question.

Just like the shipping, some of our suppliers have a longer holiday than us, so if it is a technical question and we require the supplier to provide technical information we will need to wait until they reopen.

Order Help: Some customer service staff will remain working to deal with urgent order help situations. Regular emails and non-urgent order help messages might take up to 6 days.

What About Our Overseas Warehouses?

Our EU and US warehouses do not celebrate the Chinese New Year holiday and will remain fully operational.

Everyone is back on February 19

Almost all of the BG staff will return to the office on February 19.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will all return refreshed and ready to serve you even better in 2017.

Happy new year and best wishes for you and your families.

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Post on February 10,2018 15:42#2
Enjoy your holidays! Happy New Year BG!
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Post on February 11,2018 16:54#3
إذا كنت تشتري الجهاز أومديجي s2 و الشاشة مكسورة، هل هناك قطع الغيار لذلك؟

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Post on February 17,2018 07:54#4
I have received a garment which is ridiculously too small.  I want to return the item.  The website refers me to contact page which demands a video link which means nothing to me but it prevents me sending my message.
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Post on February 18,2018 04:39#5
I completely forgot about the New Year festival when I placed an order.  I just checked it and it's already been shipped.  That skeleton staff must be working hard.
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Post on February 18,2018 05:28#6
I think you're posting in the wrong thread Brian.  Try sending an email to  They'll probably still demand a video, but they already know whu it's so small. They cater only to the Asian Market and nobody has figured out that the Western World has just as many possible customers.  They must be concerned about having to use so much more material if they cater to us "Giants" Buying small clothes is a regular complaint, but the Asian sizes are not based on Western sizes, so it's really a crap shoot whether anything will fit.  There's a ready reckoner available on the Net which will give you size comparisons.   I suggest you study it and find a small child to give whatever you purchased to. I wouldn't expect you'd be much out of pocket and you'll make one toddler very happy. :-)  
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Post on February 18,2018 17:25#7
I placed an order on the 8th with 7-20 days shipping by air. 
According to the tracking info - it'll arrive maybe March, maybe APRIL!

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Post on February 18,2018 17:38#8


Qual a situaçao do envio ?

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Post on February 19,2018 03:25#9
when will ship my items on 44332477 ?
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Post on February 19,2018 14:09#10
mine hasnt shipped either and its coming from Canada, but fedex has the label for over a week now
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