Oukitel K6

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Post on January 30,2018 02:02#1
Just received this phone and thought WOW!
Unfortunately, 3 days later, and thinking BRICK.....
Opened it up, charged it up, put in a SIM. All going well. Attached to the WiFi, downloaded and installed latest update (already), rebooted.
Has the 3G/4G happening (but it continuously switches between the 2, even when not moving). Should have alerted me right?
I can only sent/receive SMS rarely. I cannot make phone calls. If I do get a text out, the receiver cannot respond, or call. If they call it says "phone is disconnected or turned off" but it still shows either 3G or 4G.

Anyone else with this issue?

Banggood will not deal with me unless I photo or video the problem. How is that done? Here I never received a text....Photo of phone.

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Post on February 02,2018 21:38#2
I have a very similar problem but not to the same extreme. If I call out on 4g it takes maybe 20 seconds to connect. Then when I do hear the dialling tone the phone has always switched to 3g. When the call ends it switches back to 4g. If someone tries to call me when I'm on 4g it never gets through. On 3g it does. What I suspect is happening here is an issue with the modem not switching to 3g quickly enough when making or receiving a call. Apparently 4g wasn't initially designed for voice calling, just data. So phone had to intelligently switch between the two. I believe the Helio p23 has the ability to do voice over LTE (4G), but this is disabled by Oukitel for some reason. It might be that the update has messed up the modem. Something is obviously wrong at any rate. I have emailed Oukitel customer support requesting info as to whether this is an issue with the software that will be fixed in an update to be released soon I hope. You should also email them with your problems. If they get more feedback I would hope they make fixing this problem a priority. This is all speculation, it is also possible we both got faulty hardware thought not to the same level of fault. I agree it's very hard to show a missed call or calls not connecting when they should. It's why I haven't pursued this issue with the seller yet. If Oukitel does not get back to me within the week I will be bringing it to the sellers attention.
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Post on February 04,2018 03:29#3
Só duas câmeras funcionam. Será problema de software ou uma mentira da Oukitel?
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Post on March 09,2018 23:06#4

i have the same issue.  Received the phone and found it to be really good except for the weight. It is really heavy.

The VoLTE function has been disabled.  The phone is just not able to receive any signals either on 4G or 3G.  It is just going on and off from the signals.  Just not able to make any telephone calls or send SMS.  Yes, it is able to browse thorough the internet.  But thats it. Nothing more.  Almost a brick only.

Hope Oukitel does soemthing on this count.  With my little knowledge, i feel it is purely a software issue and they need to fix it.

Everyone should mail them.  I have done it. Lets hope for the best.
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Post on March 10,2018 04:21#5
The company just does not bother about its customers.  I have called them over phone atleast twenty times. Sent  messages over 50 times. Sent about ten emails.  Absolutely no answer. No response.  Nothing.  This is the respect we customers get from them. Shame on them.

It is not good for Banggood also.  I will think twice before ordering anything from them as there is no assurance that i will get a product which works.
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Post on March 12,2018 10:22#6
as expected banggood has washed off their hands stating that you send the phone to us at your cost. we will send it to the company for verification and repairs. it will take a minimum of 9 weeks etc. etc. so like you guys, i am having a costly paper weight on my table. very nice.
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Post on March 15,2018 00:31#7
I have a similar problem. The network, both wi-fi and mobile data switches off after a few minutes, and no longer receives incoming Viber/Wechat/WhatsApp messages until I view the screen again.
I sent message to Oukitel support, but no response. I put this information in my review of the phone, but it doesn't seem to have been approved for customer viewing by Banggood. 

As much as I like every other aspect of the phone, it is a deal-breaker for me, and I am already looking for a replacement phone, just not from Oukitel.
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Post on March 19,2018 06:31#8
I have another problem. During calls they hear their voice echo.
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Post on March 30,2018 11:43#9
Have the exact same problem. Got 2 K6s and they both have extreme echo in the other end of the call. In fact so much that people have complained every call made. Hopefully it will be fixed, until then I just can't recomend the phone to anyone else.
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Post on May 28,2018 14:46#10
Any one got solution for Echo issue?
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