ESCAM G02 - how to play back the recordings? Please help me!

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Post on January 25,2018 11:48#1
Hello - when recording video the files are .264 files. I knwo VLC, I know changing the code to H264 - I know ALL of that. I know MKV Demux, I know CCCP codes etc. For the love of God, can someone please tell me how to playback the videos that are recorded? The best I can get is a mostly green screen with some moving blocks at the top.

What use is a camera that records but you can't play back? 

I think I'm about to lose control. 
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Post on January 25,2018 11:52#2
Try and search for the free software 'HandBrake' and try to convert the files to a usual format like .mp4

The VLC things you mentioned do work for me by the way...
You could also completely uninstall VLC, then install again where you must make sure to select 'remove preferences or settings' (or something like that) to completely reset the program, and then apply the codec solutions again and everything you did..

Also, if it works please report back so I know if it works.
Nice camera indeed but pretty shitty to playback the files :
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Post on January 25,2018 12:11#3
if you activated the recording from the phone: you will be able to watch it from the app, or as a clip recorded into the phone. or you can take the sd card and watch on pc or tv
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Post on January 30,2018 05:48#4
Hi again,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I just wanted to let you know that I received the latest firmwre (Sept 2017 I think) and now my recordings are just fine! So, I'm not sure if it was the new firmware itself, the (forced) factory reset it performs or a combination of both. However, I'm very pleased to have a working camear.

Thank you all - great support.

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Post on January 30,2018 06:52#5
By the way - I have found the bug. 

When Timer Record settings are set to "Second Stream" (ser to 640 x 352) then the recordings can be view and opened just fine using VLC etc. Whenever this is changed to First Stream (1280 x 720), the output files cannot be opened or viewed. I have sent a mail to Escam asking if they can fix this as I need to be able to record in the higher resolution.
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