Priority Direct Mail is not available to Europe !!!! Why ??

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Post on January 15,2018 13:34#1

for European deliveries from today there is no shipping option - Priority Direct Mail has gone !!! It is main and almost always tax free shipping method . Why it has gone from BG site and when will be back ???

Anyone knows something or BG staff can explain that ??? Urgent, because without this option I cannot run business and make orders !!!

Waiting for reply or some informations.
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Post on January 15,2018 14:14#2
Same here, it seems to have disappeared since yesterday ? BG please respond ?
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Post on January 15,2018 14:19#3
Please, we want an answer.
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Post on January 15,2018 14:26#4
I see in another thread BG is saying this :

Post on December 07,2017 03:37#7 Hi friends. Sorry for reply late. The European Direct Mail is the new route we are working on. It's for the product more than 20kg. Because the shipping time is unstable, now we stop using it. We will adaopt the new route as soon as the shipping be stable.
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Post on January 15,2018 14:42#5
Chat.........spare youself the trouble pffffffff

You have any idea what happend with priority shipping to |Europe ?

seems to have disappeared ?

Alexandra The available shipping methods depending on the feature of the product, shipping destination, and warehouse. Due to the feature of this item , it may can't be shipped via priority direct mail.
We promise the orders will be delivered on time in good condition no matter which kinds of shipping method you choose. If you have any problem, we will take responsible.

Jeroen No

it is for all items i put in my basket, the option has disappeared

Also items i ordered before >> to test

the complete option pdm is gone

Alexandra yes, we have updates some shipping rules, for the details, We have submitted a inquiry for you and we are currently waiting for a response. Would it be OK for you if we sent you a follow-up email within 24 hours?

Jeroen ermmmm ok ?

So someone removes the most important shipping method to Europe and the staff knows nothing about it.... ? Isn't that kind off strange ?

Alexandra I can understand your situation and your feelings. express again my deepest apologies for this inconvenience.

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Post on January 15,2018 15:59#6
Schiksie I get the same replies and ask the same questions, they have mentioned that policy of the supplier has changed or it is not available from today or maybe IT problems bla bla bla without any logic we have to wait till tommorow, if you guys get something new please share here with us. For me it is extremly important case.

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Post on January 15,2018 16:08#7
btw. European Direct Mail which to this time was crappy, long time delivery time and sometimes missing in track trace is not available for Smartphones and other items from HK warehouse. So it won't substitute Priority Air Mail which was in most cases fast and secure and tax free to Europe. Why BG has deleted PDM and when it will be back ??? still Waiting for answears !!!
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Post on January 15,2018 17:32#8
Want this as well... can you please explain?
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Post on January 15,2018 18:08#9
That's really bad. I don't think we get an answer.
Does anybody got any experience with european direct mail?
In particular, the senders adress.
Every package I ordered with priority direct mail (dropshift) to germany had a senders adress located in germany.
If I order with european direct mail (dropshift), what senders adress (which country) is written on the package?
European country or china?

BTW: priority direct mail to germany was very slow for the last few months, too. About 4-5 weeks.
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Post on January 16,2018 02:29#10
This is a bad development. I also saw it and asked questions by chatting. The reason to order for me at Banggood was the added insurance that the price I pay is fixed, no variable and undetermined additional costs at the delivery. For me I preferred to order from Banggood instead of AliExpress inspire of the higher prices. However if that insurance is ‘gone’ it is not attractive to order at Banggood for me anymore. I asked Banggood why I cannot choose for Tariff insurance but they do not support it for many products (at least for the products of interest). So Banggood: please reintroduce the Priority Direct or the option for Tariff insurance. I find this more important than delivery time.
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