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Post on January 12,2018 20:37#1
100Pcs Fishing Rolling Swivel Connectors 50LB Order No:39844069
No momento, não foi publicado no dia 6 de dezembro, hoje e 13 de janeiro.  , Número do Pedido: 39844069Número de Rastreamento:RA418121166PT
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Post on January 16,2018 03:12#2
Dear Santana,thank you for contacting us.For your order 39844069,it was shipped on 12-7 ,and it will take 15-35 business days(Saturdays and Sundays are not included) to deliver your parcel via Air Parcel Register with track number RA418121166PT. Here is the latest tracking information:
For what concerns your order, it is currently in transit. The tracking information will not update frequently , since it is usually updated once the order arrives in some important logistics stations.We expect you will be able to check more information about your order in the next few days.
Your order is in transit,would you mind waiting until the expected time?
Hope you can receive the item soon.Have a nice day.For any further information or assistance please feel free to contact us,via the following link,we will do our best to help you.
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