claudio cesar

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Post on January 12,2018 18:15#1
Original Xiaomi Piston Fresh Edition Wired Control Earphone Headphone With Mic Order No:36818712
alguma posição sobre minha encomenda? ta demorando muito.. sera que foi extraviada? tem como saber onde esta?
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Post on January 16,2018 03:15#2
Dear Claudio Cesar,thanks for contacting us regarding to your order 36818712.We kindly invite you to confirm your shipping address and check your postal box or if any relative or neighbor accepted the delivery and signed for you. You can also contact your local post office with your full name and tracking number RY909350533SG to make sure that the package was not held by them by mistake.
If you could not find your package in post office, please contact us again.
Hope for your kind understanding and look forward to your reply.
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