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Post on January 12,2018 17:15#1
Xiaomi Mi A1 MiA1 Dual Rear Camera 5.5 inch 4GB RAM 64GB Snapdragon 625 Octa core 4G Smartphone Order No:41397485
Hola. El 25 de Diciembre realicé un pedido, el cual no se "envío" tras pasar tres días, exactamente el 28 de Diciembre. Pagué más para un envío urgente, el cual tiene 10 días hábiles de duración máximo. Estamos a día 12 de Enero y aún estoy a la espera. Para colmo no ha llegado ni al país de destino. Increíble. 
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Post on January 14,2018 15:34#2
had delivery date January 5, 2018. passed that date and now it appears as delivery date December 31, 2017. and I still have not received my order, smartphone doogee mix 2 ocean blue

order placed on November 20, 2017

order number 39219983
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Post on January 19,2018 02:34#3
Dear Daniel,
Thanks for contacting us.Your order was shipped on 12/02/2017 ,you can track it on the following link:
Usually it will take 7-35 business days to arrive in your country.(weekends are not included)which means 50 natural days.
As it's still within the estimated delivery time,could you please kindly wait for it?
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