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Post on January 12,2018 07:24#1
banggoood is nice

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Post on January 12,2018 09:20#2
I have already received my first two orders. I would like to know what screws I will need for my order No 42112272 (T-screws) I am waiting for your reply
Georgios Mouroutis
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Post on January 14,2018 11:00#3
Esta empresa es una estafa pura y dura. Haces un pago de x dinero por un pedido anticipado, te cobran en euros y despues de dos semanas te dicen que el fabricante no dispone de unidades hasta dentro de otras tres semanas. Cancelo el pedido y de repente te devuelven pasada una semana su valor en dolares que segun ellos lo habias hecho asi...diferencia 16 euros menos. Intento reclamar y me dicen que el pago para ellos siempre es en dolares...aun asi les comento que en tres semanas no se pueden perder 20 dolares, respuesta. el banco te quita una comision.. Lo dicho una estafa.
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Post on January 16,2018 17:41#4
Victor, you've already posted this elsewhere on the forum and I explained the reason why you've lost money. You have to consider the 4 charges the banks have made, 2 paying and 2 refunded.  I suggest you check with your bank how much they deducted for their fees, it's not all commission, they add on all sorts of extra fees, one of them being converting your Eros into Dollars and then back again.

Sadly, that's business and it happens all the time.  BangGood charges nothing for doing a refund, but I imagine their bank does. It's a big bad and greedy world, get used to it, things will only get worse.
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