Holy Price increase!

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Post on January 09,2018 15:03#1

What happened here Banggood? I just checked the RC planes and the prices have skyrocketed! A few bucks is ok but this is really steep. I have had my issues with shipping from you guys but this tips the scales in the wrong direction.

I used to save myself 30-40% shopping here and didn't mind the wait. Now, I can get local prices the same or better. You just killed your competitive edge. Remember, its the year of the DOG, not the Jackel.

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Post on January 10,2018 06:30#2
So give us some examples. Old prices compared with the new prices. Manufacturing costs haven't risen lately as far as I know, so why have they "Skyrocketed" I wonder?
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Post on January 10,2018 14:42#3
Plenty of RC part increase !
i search price i paid last year from my order history and today tag :

Motor/ESC combo from Racestar : 3650 brushless 60 A, i paid 35.23€ is 46€ now
2845 35 A, i paid 23 €, is 33€ now

Flysky GT3 transmitter 40€ to 52€.
Lipo battery ZOP 2S 6A; from 11€ jump to 20€.

all price from ChinaWarehouse.
hope it"s a fxxx mistake...

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Post on January 10,2018 15:39#4
i left in my cart some items and now i can't believe what I seen... prices grew up to 50% between 31st decembre and 1st january, wanna some examples?
1) 1/10 Rc Monster Truck Tyre 2 PCS For HSP Tamiya Losi from 7,5 euro to 10,50 euro
2) AUSTAR 4PCS 1.9Climbing Car Wheel Tyre For 1/10 Climbing Car Red Color from 10,50 euro to 15,18 euro
3) Racerstar brushless motor 3650 from ca 16 euro to 19,65 euro

i would never have seen something like this... what a pity
adios amigos
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Post on January 11,2018 08:47#5
The same with electronics equipment, here a few examples;

UNI-T UT61E Auto Range Digital Multimeter was €49.45 now €56.68

MLC500 Auto Range LC Meter Inductor Capacitor Meter was €42.44 now €51.03

TL866A USB Mini Pro Programmer was €55.00 now €75.63

Hantek DSO5072P Digital Storage Oscilloscope was €193.81 now €263.37

RIGOL DS1054Z DSO don't know the old price but is now €529.09 while in Europe it can be bought with shipping and tax included with all software upgrades for free for only some €400 or cheaper.

I see signs on the wall, this doesn't bode well.

(Edit) These price changes are from this year a few days ago.

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Post on January 11,2018 12:07#6
Holy sh*t, what is going on?!? Just a few examples quickly...

from $6.39 (or close to that) to $7.39

from $14.99 to $16.93

from $12.52 to $13.22

from $8.99 to $10.08

from $11.99 to $17.05

from $32 to $34

and MANY MANY MORE....happened 2 or 3days ago.
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Post on January 12,2018 02:38#7
Get used to it, there will be more, guaranteed.  Gone are the prices which used to reflect the cost of manufacture, this was how China based their prices and how China had the reputation of much cheaper prices.  Today things are now based on whichever price they think we're stupid enough to pay. Whilst prices between local stores and Chinese stores used to be as different as chalk and cheese, the gap has narrowed to where it's sometimes cheaper and better to shop locally. 

Profits are what matter today and the bigger the better (for the owner) Almost all Chinese on-line retailers are run on a shoestring budget, with staff members expected to do the jobs of 2 or 3 workers. The staff turnover reflects the pressure these workers are subjected to. Every minute of their working day they are expected to do as much as possible for as little as possible. The fat cats at the top are sitting back literally raking the money in whilst their minions directly below them are expected to find new ways to increase those profits. When a worker can no longer find ways to either make money or save money they are pressured until they voluntarily throw in the towel and the never ending employment line moves up one hopeful. 

It's not going to be too long when local prices come close to Chinese prices. They will never match however, some type of difference will have to remain so that people like yourself will keep buying.  It's no good expecting other outlets to have lower prices, the greed dictates against this happening. Move to another store and the feeling of Deja Vue will make you believe you've been there before. Same products and same prices and even similar in looks. Sales are as endless and very soon those items in each sale become well known. What used to be exciting is now becoming boring and droll. 

Price rises for no other reason than greed will continue. Manufacturing costs haven't suddenly sky rocketed, but they will. The taste for foreign money has made millionaires overnight whilst making millionaires in our countries into relative paupers. Local industry is almost unheard of and every day more and more of our businesses close their doors.  China has Gold Fever, sparing nothing to gain control of what was ours. They're buying up huge chunks of valuable farming land in many countries and buying out large established local enterprises. Here in Australia they already own 16% of our prime farming land and it's snowballing. Our cattle farms are being managed by us, but the profits and the meat is going to China.  Another 20 years, maybe less Australia will be buying their milk, meat and other basic foodstuffs from China.

The fat cats of China are multiplying on a daily basis and all of them wanting to invest their money overseas. They're buying up housing and renting them back to us. They have little interest in investing in China, not whilst more profits can be made elsewhere. We can no longer buy at auction a home to live in, go to any auctions in capital cities and you'll face endless bids from Chinese with bottomless purses. If they see something they want, they'll simply make an offer nobody can refuse. Prices in the millions are fast becoming prices in the billions. All this time the ordinary Chinese person is fighting to live. They're abandoning their farm land and moving to the big cities in their droves. Those among them with some education are waiting in those endless employment lines, those without education are being forced into jobs which pays little, works them til they drop and are then spat out to make way for the hopeful.

Yes you'll see prices skyrocketing both in China and locally. Why locally you ask? Because what you buy locally also comes from China. Come back next year for your RC aircraft and the prices will still be skyrocketing. Will it stop?, not unless something drastic happens. How drastic? you use your imagination. Mine has already been imagined and it doesn't bode well for anyone. China is already flexing it's newly discovered muscles on the world's stage, how long until it uses those muscles?

Your RC aircraft prices skyrocketing is only the beginning, your only way to fight back is to boycott China altogether, the problem is there are too many who won't. So what happens if you do? You'll have to buy locally, and where did those RC planes come from? China. In many ways I'm glad I don't have to worry about what the world will be like in 20 years, but I will worry for those who will. Buy your model planes wherever it's cheapest, build it and have fun, that's the one thing nobody can deny us, but sadly there are those who will try.  Luckily I bought all my planes just before I retired. I have rooms full of them and boxes full of those not yet built. I have a large supply of spare parts and I have little chance of running out. No Chinese on-line retail store is going to make their millions from me. Except for a new quadcopter every 6 months, there's little I'll be buying. At least that's what I tell my wife. 
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Post on January 12,2018 07:13#8
Wow - TLF Crawler from Euro 495 to 660+ - Crawler Axles from ca. Euro 100 to 120, Hobbywing Crawler ESC to more than 50 now, price increase of 25 - 30+ percent in many products.
Thought, this is because I "looked at it" too much, but do this for years now...

Hope, this will be changed soon. Meanwhile I bought several things elsewhere because of this. 

Whats up, Banggood? Was my no 1 for years now, but 2018 seem to be different.

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Post on January 14,2018 10:52#9
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Post on January 15,2018 17:34#10
Looks like I'll be shifting back to Gearbest for RC toys and Aliexpress for parts. I'm sorry Banggood but I'm not loyal to a, platform that wants to rip me off. Your Vip5 or major discounts means nothing when I can get the same product after your discount at least 25% cheaper. Make this right or start losing a big chunk of your customer base.
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