Doesn’t matter which warehouse you select in checkout?

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Post on January 09,2018 00:21#1

I Just got off chat with icy. Been waiting on an item shipped on 12-19 
At checkout I selected us warehouse. Package shows no tracking at all. BTW I’m from the US... after chatting with icy I was informed it doesn’t matter which warehouse you choose at checkout banggood will ship you order at random. This is misleading and will make me think twice before placing another order from banggood 
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Post on January 09,2018 01:58#2
Hi. Banggood will ship the product from the specific warehouse that you choosed in checkout.
We are sorry for your experience, that might because of the stock shortage of US warehouse or the misoperation.
You will not receive a tracking code if your order is worth less than 25$ and has been shipped with Standard Shipping. However, you can calculate an estimated delivery date based on our time reference chart.

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Post on January 09,2018 14:29#3
Why did they say in chat. “ it doesn’t matter what you choose shipment is random”
I have screens shot pictures of the chat if you want to post them or send them to banggood.
Also how do you know if a package gets lost? Also this tells me not to place any order under $25.
I just want you see how this makes someone like me question if should spend my money here.
Seems to be lots of confusion even among you staff. Not being mean I’m just trying to understand and let banggood 
Know my point of view. I’m sure I’m not alone.
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Post on January 10,2018 06:51#4
If you want tracking (whatever that is) on anything valued at under $25 you can always pay for it. Personally I wouldn't bother. I just spent almost $600 and $100 and neither had any tracking. So much for $25. 
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Post on January 12,2018 12:25#5
I place an order on Dec 21st..shipped the 23rd (supposedly) and I'm still waiting on my package unfortunately.  This was my first attempt cause it seemed like a decent place but to not give people tracking #s is slightly ridiculous. And then all you get is generalized information or to wait another couple of days..its a lil frustrating :(
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Post on January 12,2018 21:24#6
Ordered on Dec 10/2017
Order Number : 40590866

Tracking number: VRS00087327XTH. (not much info. on the tracking website)
Shipped on Dec 12/ 2017.

I still haven't received my order. Where is it ? How much longer I have to wait ?

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