how can I get review unit from Bang Good .

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Post on December 09,2017 08:01#1
how many subscribers required on youtube channel to get review product frmo bang good. and can I apply for it?
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Post on December 10,2017 20:41#2

Post a review on Banggood - Receive points

You can receive some Banggood points by sharing your suggestions about the most recent shopping experience you have had on our website. You will be awarded points for each review you publish on a product page.

If your review contains a video or some photos, you will receive even more points.

Below is represented the onsite Banggood review process and the correspondent rewards:

Post a review on your channel, website or blog - Receive a free sample

Do you want to review free products? Does your forum, blog, website have a large community? Do you regularly interact with other users online?

If you have a massive audience or can reach a wide public, please submit your application here

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Post on December 08,2018 22:22#3
hi  i want your products for review i am a youtuber my channel link is  

please send me some review units
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