jonineo Hola que tal

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Post on December 07,2017 07:12#1
4X Racerstar RS30A V2 30A Blheli_S ESC OPTO 2-4S Support Oneshot42 Multishot 16.5 Dshot600 for RC Drone Order No:40362254
hi. I have a problem with adress about this order and other two. 

I paid with PayPal. the website returned me to the website of banggood asking me to put the name and address (I bought many producers I already had the address well). the problem is instead of leaving CANARIAS SANTACRUZ DE TENERIFE. The address was A CORUÑA. That address is incorrect. I put it well and I gave it to keep. I could find out until today that I enter the order. that I have to do the package goes to an incorrect address. THAT I HAVE TO DO . YOU CAN SOLVE IT?
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Post on December 08,2017 03:52#2
Dear jonineo,
The system will default the shipping address as the billing address if you paid by credit card, and we can’t change it. Hope you can understand.And I noticed that your order was shipped,so we are so sorry that we can not cancel it.
And are you near from the shipping address?If it takes a short distance,we advise that you can request the post office near the shipping address in order to avoid extra shipping fee.
Of course,you also can ask a refund or resend,but you should be responsible for all shipping fees.
For any further information or assistance feel free to contact us, we will do our best to assist you.
Best Regards!

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