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Post on December 07,2017 06:56#1
Hello dear banggood I come through this email to request the consultation of the progress of my package at the post office in Brazil, and to know why such package has not yet arrived at my address. Agredito and I trust the site very much, but it really slows me down to buy my next cell phone in the store.
tracking number RY909643483SG
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Post on December 08,2017 21:29#2
Dear alexbahia,
Thanks for contacting us.Your order was shipped on 27/10/2017 ,you can track it on the following link:
Usually it will take 15-35 business days to arrive in your country.(weekends are not included)which means 50 natural days.
As it's still within the estimated delivery time,could you please kindly wait for it?
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