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Post on December 07,2017 06:00#1
Hi Everyone,
I have the above drone and having a lot of trouble since day one with compass calibration. My questions does anyone know where to get a new compass unit with ribbon cable also mother board? The motherboard is a UpAir2 PX4 version 1.2.00.
Any help would be great UpAir One Profesional
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Post on December 13,2017 07:51#2
It's a rather drastic step to think about replacing an entire motherboard. You mention the compass unit is a stand alone, so why replace the motherboard. If it's anything like the Aosenma, it's rather expensive.  Are you sure it's the compass unit, you don't mean the GPS module do you.  Silly question, but I have no idea how much you know. 

I just checked and it seems they have every board but the one you want.  You could try asking cservice@banggood.com if they can get a board in for you,  but there's a good chance the manufacturer won't want to sell one, it's worth a try though, many quad's have motherboards available, but depending on how much is on the one board it could work out very expensive.  Perhaps tracking down the supplier or manufacturer will be on the cards if BangGood won't get one in.   Have you had a very close look at your compass board? If you have a magnifying glass, take a close look at the solder joints. Quite often they may have a dry joint or even a no-soldered component and just a touch with a soldering iron fixes the problem.  Look at the solder blobs and if you notice one which isn't shiny, it could be a bad joint. It happens when component's legs get a tiny drop of oil on it and the solder doesn't stick as it should. It's something I always do when I'm fault finding. One badly soldered wire can cause anything to fail.

Also follow the lead where it joins the motherboard, you could find a fault there, look around the vicinity of the plug and socket for the compass unit. It could even be a fractured wire. Check them out with a multimeter, every good hobbyist should own one, especially at the price BangGood sells them for. You don't need an expensive one, even the cheapest they have is great for fault finding.  Get back to me and let me know how you go, and we'll see what else we can look at before committing yourself to the expense of new boards. Actual digital problems aren't the number one problem maker, it's often something quite small making major hiccups.

One last question, why don't you contact BangGood about warranty? If the quad has been a problem from new you are entitled to service, you shouldn't have to be buying new parts if it's a manufacturing problem.
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Post on September 24,2018 03:57#3
la placa base upair2 px4 la hay en amazon
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