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Post on December 05,2017 14:19#1
Hubsan H501S X4 5.8G FPV Brushless With 1080P HD Camera GPS RC Drone Quadcopter RTF Order No:39669582
The tracking of this item is saying shipping advice received and has been like that now over 1 week numerous messages ignored or answer with just wait 7 more days for delivery what is going on with my order ?? no straigh answer think I may just contact pay pal Not a happy customer
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Post on December 06,2017 02:20#2
Dear Andyg63,
We sincercly apologize that the tracking information has not been updated.
As you may know, we are on the way of carrying out your inquires, I promise we will feedback to you as soon as possible, and i am sorry for any inconvenience it may have, your understanding is highly appreciated and valued.
Would you like to wait until the expected delivery date.?If you can't receive your parcel,please contact us immediately,we will provide a proper solution for you..
Best Regards!
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Post on December 07,2017 07:14#3
Thanks for the reply I just don't understand the problem the drone is in stock ? It has been payed for via PayPal so why not shipp it ? It's been almost 2 weeks now and still not been despatched all you keep telling me is "wait until delivery date " which will be never if you don't ship the package.
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Post on December 07,2017 20:21#4
Dear Andyg63,
the latest information of your parcel is shown as below:
Friday, December 08, 2017 Location Time Piece

You can also track it on the following link with your tracking number:
Hope you will receive your parcel soon.
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