Paying with BITCOIN

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Post on November 20,2017 06:12#1
Hi Guys,
I'll be glad if Banggood can accept Bitcoin payment platform, Can your developer work on your platform to accept bitcoin as means of payment order.
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Post on November 21,2017 03:16#2
Hello. We support different payment method. However we will not accept bitcon due to the unstability.
To learn more details, you can click HERE.
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Post on May 09,2018 00:57#3
Bitcoin & Ethereum verser sur Payement bangGood

I think that we have to support this demand, the cryptocurrency is set up and more and more people have it.
Support the request by posting a message of support.

je pense qu'il faut soutenir cette demande, la crypto-monnaie se met en place et de plus en plus de personnes en disposer.
Soutenez la demande en posant un message de soutien.
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Post on May 14,2018 09:49#4
Bitcoin is something ordinary people don't want. It's OK for the Nerds of the world, but we've been using cash for thousands of years and some wet dream by a computer junkie isn't going to win us over.  It's horribly complicated and reeks of scam.  It's been proved to be popular with criminal groups from human traffickers to drug dealers.  It's not accepted everywhere, in fact hardly anywhere ordinary people shop. Personally I refuse to have anything to do something being run by unknowns and something which can be generated out of thin air. It's highly unstable and there's a good chance a lot of people will suffer when the backside drops out of the current rise.  No thanks, it'll be Dollars and cents for me. I like to know where it comes from and where it's going.
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Post on June 10,2018 12:32#5
Imagine your country turns Venezuela or USSR, will you still support Big Brother ?
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