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Post on November 19,2017 17:09#1
I want to purchase a le ltv mobile which is not launched in India, how much custom charges will I have to pay? And if my mobile is faulty ,then will i be able to get it fixed in India?
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Post on November 19,2017 20:07#2
Hi Venky. Thank oyou for your interest on our product. You will be covered by our product warranty if the product you purchased from Banggood has some quality issues within its warranty period. Each product has a specific time frame and we will be glad to provide you with more details if you can not find this information on its page. Click here to view more.

We can not guarantee or predict the value of the customs duties you may have to pay to receive your order. Please contact your local post office or Customs agency or visit their official help centers to enquire about the customs regulations and tariffs of your country. Orders shipped with an express mail service have a higher probability of being taxed.

 If any further question,  please feel free to contact me.
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Post on November 19,2017 22:08#3
The usual warranty of any mobile phone is around 1year So how much warranty will I get on the phones I will purchase here?
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Post on November 20,2017 01:29#4
It depends on different products. Normally, Phones share 1 year warranty, 3 Days Dislike the phone and broken within one month,etc. Details you can learn in the Retrun policy on rach product page.
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Post on December 06,2017 23:10#5
Once again the question isn't fully answered.  NO Venky, you won't be able to have it fixed in India. You'll have to return it to China. Unless BangGood send you a replacement of course. If you wish to forgo the warranty. I'm certain you should be able to find a good technician to fix it, if indeed it's fixable. Many phones from China don't have reliable supplies of spare parts.  

I needed a battery for my BangGood phone and I had to write to the manufacturers as BangGood only supplies replacement batteries whilst the phone is available, actually I tried to find one whilst the phone was still under warranty and came up empty.  Thankfully the manufacturer offered to send me a free battery with instructions how to fit it. The battery isn't simply a drop in affair, the phone has to be dismantled. I have to wonder whether BangGood would have told me how to fit it if I'd managed to get one?  If you do buy one, I'd advise you buy at least a couple of spare batteries, it seems they're a throwaway item if you can't get a spare battery. It's a great way to have repeat customers though.
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Post on December 14,2017 14:00#6
Same answer for me 
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Post on December 15,2017 03:04#7
Yes if you asked the same question.
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