Isn't it great?

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Post on November 07,2017 18:20#1
Chine will be enacting a law to force online sellers to post customer reviews whether they are good or bad? Which means Banggood will have to post any review it gets, unlike what it does now! The review I did on the Kaload-T8 Multi-Functional Tactical Pen was less than flattering and never arrived as a review and I never got my points.
It's going to nice to see this against the law in China.
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Post on November 08,2017 15:18#2
About Time!  Not showing honest reviews is deceptive!  
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Post on November 08,2017 15:25#3
Well, your review seems to be published since Nov 4th... unless there is more than one user named Kirios who also bought the same item.
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Post on November 09,2017 04:42#4
What a load of hogwash. Nobody would "pass a law" regarding reviews.  What a company does with reviews is their business. Where did you dig this garbage up from?How about a link to show this "new law", or is just another case of wishful thinking?  I'm waiting for an apology from you for BangGood. You accused them of rigging their reviews and it seems you've been found out. So be a man and say sorry to BangGood, or don't you do sorry's?
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Post on November 09,2017 07:28#5
Quote: SomeguyinPDX Post on November 08,2017 15:18 About Time!  Not showing honest reviews is deceptive!  

My reviews are honest and they are shown!

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Post on November 09,2017 18:24#6
Basically I now only do reviews on items I feel deserve them. Either good or bad. I must admit I've never had one fail to show. Personally I spend enough time on this site. Adding confirmation of receipt and writing reviews is time I prefer spending elsewhere.  As for those bloody requests to write reviews on other sites saying how good BangGood is apart from going against the site's regulations is the biggest waste of time.  First you have to become a member of the site and then write the praise, then report back to BangGood that they've been entered and give them links etc. 

Once I get paid for supplying the publicity I'll reconsider it.  That regulation, by the way refers to leaving feedback because you were asked to. Feedback should be something you want to do, not something requested of you.  Anyway, after leaving 4 lots of feedback I feel that's more than enough, it's not as if you even get a thank you for doing it. BangGood makes more than enough money out of us, why should they expect us to give praise for spending it? 

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Post on November 13,2017 14:31#7
Since you are so big on apologies you schill, perhaps you can apologize TO ME on behalf of Banggood refusing to honor their shipping insurance. Its been six months and all the crooked bastards will do is offer me $30 on a $81.91 order that I paid shipping insurance on, and arrived damaged. It makes me sick to see somebody falling over themselves to defend a fraudulent company. What do they pay you with? People with as few ethics as you are even worse than the thieving bastards at Banggood, because you enable them.
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Post on November 13,2017 16:14#8
Weren't you asked to go to China to meet the "Boss" A number of loyal "followers" were asked to fly to China to see how BangGood ran.  They put us up in a top Hotel and welcomed us all into the "family" As family members we are given cost prices on all BangGood stock and rather nice free gifts every month with our choice of 5 items every year.  It's an amazing offer when all we have to do is support their company, which to be honest I'd happily do for free, but the bonus's are nice to receive.

Maybe when you've been a loyal buyer for a few years and purchased enough you'll be offered the same.  The only problem is you'll have to wait for a current member to stand down or die. I can't imagine anyone would want to walk away though. I'm due for another trip in the new year (the Chinese New Year of course) and I've heard myself and one other family member will be flying in the company jet, I can't wait, plus this time we'll be allowed to take our own families to be indoctrinated into the cause.

Actually I've just noticed you've never made a review, that's not good, they don't ask for a lot of us, but you are expected to give glowing reports on everything you either buy or are given. You have a lot of work to do if you ever expect to become a BangGood family member.  A few tips for you. Buy a lot, review a lot and help others.  Be honest in what you say on these forums. Never ask to become a family member, it's something which is decided by "The Boss" or head of the family. Your buying patterns and your attitude on these forums are the key to your success. It's a hard thing to work out who's going to be chosen, but generally it's not so much how much you buy, but whether you buy in a regular fashion.  I try to buy every pay day and definitely when a sale is on.

The few no-no's are never personally upset another family member. Never state preference for another company over BG. (that doesn't mean you should not buy elsewhere)  and the biggy, never ever disagree with a staff member in public.  As for your denigration of BangGood, that doesn't look good, but a heartfelt apology can often have it removed from being mentioned during future matters. It often helps if you learn about Chinese culture, there's nothing the "boos" likes more than someone who knows what makes Chinese people tick.

Finally you're definitely not the top of the ladder for selection, but that doesn't mean you can't be in the running. Actually there's talk of us being paid an annual bonus in cash as well as the 5 freebies. And if it's anything like our other perks I have a feeling it could be a substantial sum possibly based on company profits. So if you wish to be in the running, (and who wouldn't) I'd advise pulling your socks up and stop acting so childish. 

Anyway, that's enough insider news, I will delete this comment as soon as you make a reply or within 24 hours, whichever is the sooner. If you're not interested simply send me a PM with NO as the only text. I'll ensure your name is deleted from any lists. And please don't use the word Shill, it's insulting and untrue, two words you don't need on your record.  Oh yes, and own a dog, preferably small, the "Boss" absolutely loves them. If you don't have one, take a few photo's of a friends and carry them with you. It would be a good idea to show them on the forums. I purchased a few of those doggie coats and dressed mine pup up with them. Well worth the effort.  
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Post on November 13,2017 16:20#9
I almost forgot, links to support your comments re this law you mentioned about reviews. I haven't been able to find anything on the matter and as i was asked to look into it, I'd hate to report back that it was some childish and irresponsible remark. Definitely not needed.
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Post on November 14,2017 04:42#10
I 100% agree with You sir. For me to read reviews, of speacially them items I have or gonna buy, is like a hobby. I've found that BG "really" do publish both "positive &negative" reviews. I can't see them to neglige them negative comments? I'm all the way happy with BG. I've ordered a dozen times, ewery delievery has been ALL OK, to Finland. The only con. is the delievery time, but thats NOT BG to blaim for but them POSTALS.
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