Why is the name D.J.I "FORBIDDEN CONTENT"

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Post on October 31,2017 02:01#1
I attempted to post the a comment on another thread, but I was greeted with a warning telling me something in the post wan't allowed (illegal content) I finally found out it was. I dared to mention D.J.I  Can anyone please tell what's illegal about it?  I read the comment a number of times but couldn't figure out why I couldn't post it. I ended up removing the offensive word, actually it's not even a word, just 3 letters? BangGoods sells D.J.I. doesn't it? How do it's owners mention the brand on this forum?  I've seen the name HobbyKing a number of times in comments and if anything should be upsetting to BangGood it would be a rival company, but no. only D.J.I is considered a no-no. Actually I saw a thread only a few days ago where the OP had pasted the the heading of a D.J.I product and that passed scrutiny, so why just 3 letters of a company name of something BangGood sells?

I recall a hobby company HK banned me for telling a friend about a cousin living in Liverpool UK, I couldn't figure out what was wrong until a friend told me he got into trouble for saying his quadcopter fell in his swimming pool.  See if you can figure out why it was so "ILLEGAL".  When you've figured that out figure out why this piece was also "ILLEGAL" I just bought Madonna's hit record (it's OK, I didn't really) It appears Chinese forums have weird ideas as to what we can't mention.  I've even see the usual 4 letter word used in BangGood's forum with no problems, sorry I'm really confused about this.

Yes I just checked and D.J.I. is "Forbidden Content" add a couple of stops and it's OK.  Just as well I don't own one if someone has deemed the name as "FORBIDDEN"
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Post on October 31,2017 02:24#2
Strange, this post was missing only a few minutes ago. I wrote another one to explain why my post was removed and posted it, but now the first one has returned.  DO DO DO DOO, DO DO DO DOO. Sorry I'm just not musical :-)

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call ... The Twilight Zone. 

 Thanks to Mr Rod Searling.

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Post on October 31,2017 03:02#3
Sorry chocksaway:(I made that mistake. I banned ji because there were some spams with it in forum.Now I 've deleted that restriction.
Thank you for sharing your experience and and product of RC and other electronics with all of us.
Looking forwards to your new review
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Post on November 01,2017 19:07#4
OK Dony, thanks for your reply. I couldn't believe BangGood would refuse any talk about DJI. I'd love to own one, but they are way beyond my buying capacity and I'm not expecting Santa to help out 
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Post on December 06,2018 05:47#5
What is this message after all?
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Post on December 10,2018 05:37#6
Oh wow, it actually let me post this! Get this message for everything I try to post.
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