Tracking is useless!

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Post on October 26,2017 04:21#1
It's a shame BangGood is pretty lame when it comes to, well, various things, but for example TRACKING is absolutely useless. Doesn't work at all. Every time I try to track my order/parcel, I just get asked for my order number, (which I enter) with no way to enter my actual TRACKING NUMBER. 
There's no ACTUAL tracking at all.
Well, I guess it's back to HobbyKing!
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Post on October 26,2017 07:31#2
I also agree with the above statement, I have also made three previous orders which have resulted in only two of them turning up.
One of them still missing nearly 5 weeks, was a back order but never thought it would be this long they held up my money, the other was ordered nearly for weeks which were just extra batteries for a drone.  Thre drone has turned up without the extra batteries ordered the same day.
So with this, we now cannot even track where the hell these items are.
Not good  
Should have stuck to HEbay
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Post on October 27,2017 00:41#3

You will be able to track your order or not based on its value and on the warehouse it will be shipped from.

Shipments from our Chinese warehouses:  

All orders worth more than $25 can be tracked. If your order value is below this amount, you can upgrade its shipping method to a tracked one by paying a low fee.

Shipments from our EU direct: 
You will receive a tracking code if your order has been shipped with FLYT UK EXPRESS, ROYAL MAIL FIRST CLASS, ROYAL MAIL SECOND CLASS REGISTER or FRANCE EXPRESS(Colissimo). All the other shipping methods are not tracked.
Shipments from our USA direct:

To USA: all the shipping methods are tracked if the dimensions of the package are over 38cm x 30cm x 1.8cm.

To Brazil, Mexico, and Canada: parcels shipped with USPS Priority Mail International can be tracked, and you can see their tracking numbers in your account.

 you can check its status in the “My Orders” section of your Banggood account.

Shipped: once your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail from us with the tracking code and a link where to track it ( You can also find the tracking details of your order on the “My Orders” page.

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Post on October 27,2017 01:21#4
Well DonyBG, read this (if you are a human!) My order is a lot more that $25 so I should be able to track it yes? (But I can't). I selected the shipping that included tracking (unless there was some sort of a 'tricky' button or similar that I missed). Your response is obviously an automated reply -a standard 'form letter' as it were, because you don't even know that I'm ordering from Australia as you give me all that stuff appropriate for the British market and the American markets.
All this further erodes BangGood credibility!

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Post on October 27,2017 02:40#5
I've checked your order and there is tracking number for your latest order, which has been sent to your PM.

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Post on October 27,2017 10:43#6
I can not remain indifferent. There are delivery problems. And they have a different essence. I realized from the accounting factors that at some point the logistics or the delivery partner changed. Standard shipments to Russia via classic mail go almost unchanged. Long, but tracked without problems. Recently, the delivery time has nevertheless increased by an average of 20 percent. But this is not a problem, because this method is still an economy class. A separate difficulty now with the delivery of ETS Express. Tracking these parcels does cause quite a lot of difficulties. And some parcels can go very long. On average, the delivery time for such items is usually much longer than 1 month. The disadvantage is also that ordinary postal delivery is carried out to the post office, and the ETS is brought by the courier. In this case it would be much more convenient if you could see at the order, by whom the delivery will be carried out. This would allow you to choose the right address for delivery and save time. Now it can be understood only after place of the order and after receiving the track number, which is quite inconvenient. For this reason, I still can not get an order, because the local courier service is very slow with redirection. (order number 36028292). And a separate pain is EMS Express delivery. This option by definition should be fast and convenient. In fact, this is a very slow service with the inability to adequately track the shipment. The specified terms in 7-15 days absolutely do not correspond to real terms of delivery, which is unacceptable. At the moment, 2 parcels go by this service and within 2 weeks they have not been able to leave the Singapore border. A parcel is still waiting for the "delights" of Russian delivery. I think that the delivery time will be at best month, which is completely unacceptable!

A huge request to revise the partners, add the opportunity to see, with the help of which service parcels will be sent (in the case of the ETS Express). Add some more ways of more reliable and quick delivery, rather than EMS, even slightly more expensive. At the moment, this is not the best choice after all. Now this is the weak point of the store. By correcting these problems you will be the best in the market. It is necessary to try a little)

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Post on October 29,2017 21:53#7
I agree with Rotate, he makes some good points.
But I found that my problem is simply that on the my 'order' page there is no actual link to 'TRACKING', it's called  'ORDER INFO' and it's not highlighted as a link.
That's why I couldn't find it. All you need to do is change the wording to 'ORDER INFO AND TRACKING'. and give it the link colour.

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Post on October 30,2017 19:03#8
Although I'm usually a loyal supporter of BangGood, I'm afraid I have to agree, the tracking scenario is far from useful. In fact it's more a complete farce.  Tracking is excellent when it works, but the number of times it does work is dropping badly.  I might add the $25 floor limit which supposedly occurs has never worked in my opinion, not long ago that minimum used to be $50, but as is usual we aren't told these things and I believe the reason for that is we aren't supposed to know so that BangGood can throw what they like at us and we're none the wiser.  Sorry Dony but perhaps you could tell us exactly where this is printed and how long it's been in force.

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Post on October 30,2017 19:23#9
  • Sorry, I tried to copy and paste the tracking info but good BangGood's forum won't allow it.
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Post on November 03,2017 21:28#10
I've received my BangGood product, ( a FlySky TX) and am happy with it (so far, so good).
Delivery time was not bad, a little over 2 weeks to Oz. What I found with the tracking is that it only tracks "to the airline". No tracking info after that -(Into Australia, to local post office etc).
I guess I've become a little 'spoiled' by Hobby-King purchases, because they have local warehouses, so shipping time is really quick if you order from those warehouses, and tracking info is better.
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