Poor quality with products on sale

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Post on October 23,2017 19:30#1
Why  do all products made in China have quality problems!  Top stores in the West tell suppliers to have top quality products or they will not sell them. I had two Anet A8 both had quality problems including th Ed first I purchased online from Anet. Now I want to replace them...I look at Creality CR-10 and read the reviews on BG and other stores....to many list problems of poor quality. It’s OK and I know BG support get solutions....but it’s all time wasted and removes the joy of having a good new product.
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Post on October 24,2017 01:02#2
Hi dear. Sorry for your inconvenience. We are committing to provide quality products and services for our customers.
About the quality problem, we are working on it as well. We are optimizing tthe cooperation and communication with the factories. The defective products will be send back.
Banggood is making effort to be a place where our customer can rest their assure to purchase china products. Thank you for your feedback,and apologize to you again.  
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Post on October 24,2017 04:00#3
Hey Vinny. I think it's unfair to say all the china products suck.
Because banggood are not facing customers only in one consuming level.Some cheap products can not satisfy you but works well with the people with low badget.
As I experienced, the middle price products in banggood are reliable and price-worthy.
Hope you have a good day.
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Post on October 25,2017 05:56#4
Samuel, I have around 70 orders placed with BG...and I have no complaints about the store. I also wrote about 3D Printers...and if you check out any of the many 3D printer related Facebook groups.....the big sellers are clones of the Prusai3 mk1 ....and poor clones most are, because the clones use the cheapest components they can get away with. The Anet A8..is sent out with a 20amp 12v power supply ....the printer needs a 30a supply to cater for switch on surge and constant a page drawn by the heaters....a great deal have burned out the motherboard and the power supply connecting wires...which can cause a fire. I and perhaps 100,000 users have ditched the useless psi snd replaced with a 30amp psi plus two mosfets to add more protection to the board and psu. That’s costs around $60 extra....the hotbed cable burns out...because it’s the type used in computers...which do not slide back and forth h For hours and can get too hot....as it the connectors are loose and electrical arci g causes burn out....I could go on....
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Post on October 25,2017 06:02#5
I have no problems with BangGood and I know when I have problems the support team work to get a solution...my post is about the makers ....who would save money if they did not have to keep replacing g bad components....people like Anet. Red to force suppliers to have better quality control and if they did people like me would be happy to pay a bit more to have peace of mind when placing orders. If I can buy from BanGood...anything I want to buy....I dont look at other stores or eBay.
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Post on October 25,2017 08:16#6
There's a very old and well worn and true saying.  "You Get What You Pay For"  If you pay next to nothing for something it's usually next to nothing. If you want quality then you should expect to pay higher prices. You'll probably get to understand things a little better after you've been buying from anywhere for 5, 10 or 20 years or more. 

Don't condemn BangGood's selection of goods, I can just beat you with over 500 orders, not 500 items. I've found everything I've purchased has been a good price and a good quality.  If I knowingly buy something which is really cheap then I don't normally expect that item to be selling in some high class London store. I look at the price and compare it with what I know it's selling for locally.  If it's cheaper then I'll buy it.  As it happens I've purchased mostly good quality items from BangGood.  The current crop of quad copters of over $100 and more are excellent quality.  The Digoo brand of product is on par with anything you'd find in your local stores.  I wouldn't buy a set of drill bits and expect them to last longer than a set I paid 10 times more for. it's the same with most other items.

Where BangGood really stands out is when they're having a sale.  Those items which were a reasonable buy suddenly become a bargain.  As with a quadcopter I recently purchased, I saved a very nice $50 off the normal price.  One before that when they had their 11th birthday I saved even more on.  Out of those more than 1,000 items I've purchased I've only encountered maybe 4 or 5 items I would consider below par, but then so were the prices.  I can only think you've been buying the wrong items if everything you've purchased has been "bad" perhaps you ask someone who knows what shopping's all about before ordering anything else.

By the way, would you consider a Ferrari to be a cheap and nasty product?  Think about it, a brand new Ferrari?  A friend of mine owns one and so far he's had to replace the gearbox twice. the clutch once, the lighting system for the dashboard and a muffler. Who sells cheap and nasty product now ????   Oh yes and he still loves his Ferrari.
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Post on October 26,2017 04:14#7
Jeez what a load of tripe....Fact....the world knows that China respects no copyright, and the copiers use the lowest cost materials they get away with...and the term quality control is anathema. I buy only multi rotor and 3d printer items......I have only 90 orders...of which about 10% had issues ...and yes BG sorted them for me. None of that changes facts no matter if I pay $0.10 for an item....I expect it to do exactly as its described and intended to function. A contract was formed when the ite. Is offered for sale and completed on purchase - the seller collects the money and by doing g do is committed to fulfilling his her obligations.....it does not say, this piece of junk is priced really low do do t get high expectations.....now trot away and do be so pious
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Post on October 27,2017 07:44#8
unless its a toilet roll holder then forget it,  Chinese products have always been junk,  there is no testing on any products in china.  its a case of make it then sell it then ignore the consequences. 
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Post on October 30,2017 22:45#9
Gee these kids come along and expect everything on this planet is geared for them only.  If you hate Chinese product so much, go away and buy from your local stores, at least it'll stop your whimpering. The people who buy from BangGood on a regular basis are very happy with the money they save.  As for my comments being "tripe" then perhaps you should read your miserable posts.  Condemning EVERYTHING BangGood sells is so childish it's quite funny, but then you go even further and denigrate EVERYTHING China makes and sells.  Go away, people such as yourself will never be happy so why spread your pathetic whining here. To be honest I couldn't give a toss what you think of China, I just don't like idiots moaning and groaning, begging for someone to agree with them.  Well you missed out badly. Bye Bye little boy, go crying to Mummy.

And how wrong is little Maltong? Again he thinks EVERYTHING about Chinese product is bad.  What a miserable attitude to have whilst on a Chinese seller's site.  Do you honestly think anyone is going to listen to you and your friend's whining?  Sorry, any intelligent adult would take one look at you've both said and laugh at your kiddie attitudes. Yes there's some poor quality things still being manufactured in China and just about every country in the world.  Mainly because people will buy anything with a low price, but as they get older and smarter they figure out where the bad stuff is made and keep away from it. I've been buying from China for long enough to know what's good and what's bad, in fact I purchased an item from China which isn't available anywhere else in the world. The workmanship is first class and the designer cut no corners in having them produced. The electronic components used were top shelf and it's been operating now for almost 12 months continuously and I might add in all extremes of weather.  I won't bore you with what it does, it's not important, but it sure knocks your silly blanket statement on it's backside. 

I received my 10th quadcopter purchased through BangGood and I can honestly say they are manufactured with excellent quality control and again you'd be hard pushed to find anything better made anywhere else in the world.  For some reason I tend to picture the two of you as teenagers. not working for a living and not exactly world wise. I can only wonder who you've both listened to, mainly because your whimpering sounds so generic, you clearly don't speak from personal experience, it sounds as if you're simply parroting someone else's rhetoric.  Let's face it, why would anyone who's made numerous purchases keep coming back if every one of those purchases were so bad? Maybe you're simply batting your gums to look more important than you actually are. So off you go, I'll wait for the usual kiddie insults and abuse. Been there, done that
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Post on November 04,2017 19:17#10
Quote: maltonge Post on October 27,2017 07:44 unless its a toilet roll holder then forget it,  Chinese products have always been junk,  there is no testing on any products in china.  its a case of make it then sell it then ignore the consequences. 
Your post could do with a toilet roll though because it stinks!

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