Will the app be available in english?

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Post on October 12,2017 15:23#1
...or available on the UK/US app store? I tried to download the app but unfortunately everything on the page is in chinese so couldn't figure out which buttons to click.
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Post on October 18,2017 02:30#2
We have checked it, they are in English.  Which APP do you use? Android or IOS ? 
Could you please send us a picture?
There are only 2 buttons on interface , the left one is “play”, the right one is "help". 
After you click the "play", you will enter the display mode, there are icons on screen. You can check their functions on page, we have marked its usage on it, it is easy to use.  

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Post on November 08,2017 14:03#3
Ok, found it. The QR codes are the wrong way round, the one that says iOS points to the Google Play (android) store, and the one that says Android is the iOS App Store link.
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