Members Hi-Jacking these posts.

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Post on September 13,2017 09:00#1
Please BangGood, would it be possible to post a message to the people continually posting on other people's posts.  It's called Hi-Jacking, the original poster asks his question and anything up to a dozen others immediately jump on it and post their own questions.

Firstly it's very bad manners and secondly the original poster gets a dozen emails telling him someone's answered his question, it's infuriating and thirdly it's actually lessening the chance of the hi-jackers getting their answers. Why they continue to do it I have no idea, but it's possibly why so many of them complain about their questions not being answered.

The only time people should post on another member's post would be to answer the original question, NOT ask their own.

Thank you, a warning would possibly be useful and of a great help to the OP.
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Post on September 13,2017 09:27#2
Does anybody know the weather for the UK today?
Do Banggod sell an AXN floater equivelent? 
Why am I here?
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Post on September 13,2017 21:52#3
I asked your mother why you are here. How is she by the way?
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Post on September 16,2017 05:01#4
And I suppose you assume your comments are funny? probably to anyone with a similar IQ they would be.  For your information Whiner, or is that weiner? My Mother passed away a number of years ago. If you think your childish comment is funny, obviously you don't respect your Mother, assuming you even knew her. But you had your silly little snigger, after all it's always a good fallback to belittle a stranger's Mother for absolutely no reason, isn't it?  Just for your information, there's no way you'd ever get into a conversation with my Mother when she was alive, you don't have the ability to hold a conversation without resorting to meaningless mumblings. As is clearly shown by your pathetically immature comment above. In fact I'm at a loss to know why you even bothered, but you seemed to think it's funny so as long as you laugh at your own childish posts, I guess that's all that matters.

Now you may have problems with a worthwhile comeback, but if you can pressure someone into writing one for you, please ensure it's entertaining and worth reading. So many of you wannabe's post such drivel, it's a complete waste of time logging on to read it. 
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