upairone autoreturn crash

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Post on August 12,2017 16:19#1

low battery auto return kicked in 50 meters out at 210 meters altitude. At about 50 feet up motors turned off and copter fell. the battery was still @ 10.4 volts. Why did the copter quit?

my way

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Post on August 13,2017 15:03#2

would like to know where to go for help.


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Post on August 14,2017 10:55#3
How did you measure the 10.4 volts remaining on the battery?  When a battery has no load on it the voltage will show higher than that when it's under load.  I'd say the battery did fall below the safety limits for the quad and that's why it dropped. Unfortunately there is a variation between lower battery limits for quads and you just happened to get one which had it's lower limit a little higher than usual. It's not a fault and I'm unaware of whether it's adjustable, but sadly in your case the cutoff point was reached just a little short of home (the Ground).

You can test this voltage variation by running a quad whilst it's tethered on a table or bench. Test the voltage with a multimeter while you have the quad running, then stop the motors and switch off the quad. Now measure the voltage again and you'll notice the voltage will be higher than when the quad was running. This measurement will show a bigger variation if the battery has been used since it's last charge. Try running this test on a battery which has been used since it's last charge (one showing around 11 volts with no load)

I suggest in future you don't wait until the quad decides the voltage is low. Perhaps you could fit a warning device which lets you know when the battery is depleted. I use a beeper which goes off at a set voltage level. They only cost me about $3, but that was a few years ago. I have them fitted to quads, boats cars and planes and the noise they emit is hard to miss.

I just checked, they're cheaper now than when I bought them years ago. I'd trust these more than a quad's idea of low voltage.

2Pcs BX100 Battery Voltage Tester LowVoltage Alarm Buzzer For 1~8S Lipo Battery  A bargain at only $2.60 each. I hope the damage wasn't too extreme .. Happy flying
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