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Post on August 11,2017 23:06#1

First time to order here in Banggood.

I'm wondering what shipping method is used for the free shipping that's usually used for low-cost items? (I believe BG uses no-tracking-number for shipment costs valued less than US$25)   [for reference: I'm in the Philippines]

Is it China Ordinary Small Packet Plus?   If this is the case, doesn't it have a tracking number, although the "tracking" part is only when the item reaches the first China post office (record that China Post Office has received the item), after which there will be no other tracking updates at all.   Is ths correct?

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Post on August 12,2017 18:18#2
d_t_a , Free shipping I think is a regular airmail. I live in Canada and Canada Post is dependable so tracking is optional to me but sometimes  I add tracking if the item is important to me.  So From China to Canada. I have no problem. 
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Post on August 13,2017 11:17#3
how much time will my parsal (mobile) take to reach me in Pakistan?
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Post on August 15,2017 07:13#4
How do I use my points?  I cannot find information on the website to help me understand this. 
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