Review of probably the best price/value speedometer from the site

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Post on July 12,2017 01:25#1
Here is my review:

This one was ordered from the CN warehouse, took exactly 21 days to Romania, which is great. The quality of the product is quite weak, but this refers mostly to the design/material. It's a durable product, and also resist to rain. Works like it should be, and also shows the temp (not so accurate). Best part is that it has a taller screen than the rest of the speedos, so this one is able to show you more info without touching it.........Only wak point is the max speed, sometimes it ges crazy and shows extra high or irreal numbers(mostly on mtb after shaky terrain). + you cant really rotate the support to apply on the stem, if you try this you probably are going to ruin the cables at the bottom, DONT DO IT: I have to recommend this product for anyone who are looking for a good speedo. 
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Post on July 15,2017 11:08#2
Hi! You might want to add a link to the product.  : )
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Post on July 17,2017 12:55#3
82 euro chez aliexpress et 142 euro pour sndway sw 1500 a
30 euro moins cher chez aliexpress j'ai pris chez eux
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