king kong hex 300

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Post on July 07,2017 03:41#1
I recently purchased the BNF of this model.  I have an Eachine I6 transmitter, which can only output Ibus signal.  This model as it comes has a mini CC3D controller fitted flashed with Lilbrepilot.  The problem is that Librepilot does not support Ibus, and my transmitter does not support PPM or PWm.  I therefore flashed the CC3d with Cleanflight successfully, as this does support Ibus.  Unfortunately, the motor assignments in Librepilot are nothing like the assignments  in Cleanflight.  For instance, when I run up motor number 1 in Cleanflight, motor number three spins, and so on.  I eventually reassigned the motors to be assigned in the same manner as Librepilot using CLI in Cleanflight, and inputting a custom mix.  All the motors now run in the order intended, but it still won't fly, because the direction of rotation of the motors is not as it should be.  In the custom mix, I can tell the FC which way the motor rotates, where it differs from the way it should be rotating.  Will this fix the problem?  I have been advised on another forum to just change the motor leads between the FC and the ESC, but this is not practical, as the motors are not connected by individual pins, instead, 1,2, and 3 are one one three pin plug, 4 and 5 are on one two pin plug, and 6 is on a single plug.  I have been playing with this for three full days now and am just about ready to junk the CC3d and replace it with something else.

help would be appreciated,  Dave.
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Post on July 20,2017 03:39#2

Dear suzygs

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We will take your suggestion into great consideration. And we always hope that we will provide better service to every customers. Your support is the best gift to us.

Thank you for your kind understanding. For any information or assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

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