points and dollars

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Post on May 19,2017 14:38#1
how many points equal one dollar?
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Post on May 21,2017 14:27#2

Would be not so right to understand so straight the points meaning.

Of course they can be exchanged into discount directly when placing an order, and you see already that 100 points gives you minus US$1,00 (very easy experiment in zero minutes, no need to press the very final "checkout" button when you want just to see discount).

But also you can exchange points to coupons. Different coupons. Seen right at the page "my points" (suprpise). And in this way the whole question becomes senseless.

But in some cases no any discount is possible, at all: flash sell, "promo" tags and like that. So even less sense to try to determine "the exact cost of point".

And one more moment: points can't be used together with any coupon. Starting to get an idea?

banggood.com - help center - so many words for nothing ...

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Post on May 22,2017 03:57#3
We have an article here that covers the exchange rate, 100 points equals one dollar.
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