best bluetooth headphones?

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Post on April 28,2017 06:51#1

hey all

I have a few pair of bluetooth headphones but you really can't have enough. I lose these or misplace them constantly and I really use them constantly. Currently my favorite pair is the NOA bluetooth ones that are pretty rugged and conceal the cord. Can anyone recommend a good BG bluetooth headphones set? sound quailty and features are important obviously. thanks

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Post on May 03,2017 01:39#2
yes,that is so great haha
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Post on May 29,2017 07:30#3

I just purchased the New Bluedio T2S Bluetooth headphones from Ebay.  For some reason BangGood doesn't have them, only the old version and that's out of stock plus more expensive than the latest version.

I wouldn't class them as the best in headphones, to get the best quality be prepared to spend $400+. These connect easily to Bluetooth, they have a good range and sound good for the price. Under $29 AUD. They also look good and fit well without squeezing your head.  As with most battery powered gadgets from China, they've built in obsolescence by not allowing you to replace the battery. I have a problem with buying something and having to throw it away whilst it's still fully functional and that's exactly why I purchased these. It can still be used by using a cable between the headphones and the headphone socket on whatever I'm listening to if the battery dies.

I even purchased an MP3 player which has a replaceable battery because the player I was using had to be wrecked to get at the dead battery. That's the way China decided to go, make it cheap and make it to be thrown away.  If you use those gadgets every day you'll be lucky to get 12 months out of them.  Sorry, I won't accept that and in future everything I purchase must have a replaceable battery,. If everyone does likewise it'll show them we don't accept their devious plans and hopefully this scam will wither and die.

There, I've had my rant, I'll now put on my Bluedio TS2 headphones and listen to my MP3 player which should last me many years.

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