"Notification of Shipment Confirmation" (EMS).

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Post on April 21,2017 04:40#1

I bought a Xiaomi Mi drone 4K on banggood on 18.04.2017. And since then in my orderview stands : Notification of Shipment confirmation. So here´s my question: What does this orderinformation exactly mean or why doesn´t it update at all? Has this produckt already sent to my home Country or lies it at the CN Warehouse of banggood? I´m very sad about that because normally the order Status updates day for day or every tow days...

I hope I get an answer of an BG Staff member because that ist sometihing I can´t understand!!! :( 

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Post on April 24,2017 02:15#2
Dear Marco, sorry for the inconvenience. The tracking system does not update in real time. In order to have accurate information about your orders tracking you need to wait patiently for a few days until it updates completely. 

However, this does not affect the transportation process. The order is on it’s way to your address without any problem. 

Your item was shipped on 18th 4, 2017. It will takes about 7-15 business days to your country. If you can't get it within this time, please contact us: http://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111 . Hope you will receive them soon.
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