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Post on April 06,2017 08:21#1

Hi all,

I have configured ebay with banggood and added a few products but I have  2 questions.

1.Will the stock level be reflected on your ebay listing? Meaning will the quantity in ebay automatically adjust to stock availabe?

2.When you synchronise the items with ebay orders automatically go to banggood. How do you control which wharehouse they are shipped form?

Any help appreciated.

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Post on April 07,2017 01:29#2

Hi Robando, I have no idea what you are talking about but we don`t do ebay.

Banggood is an independent website.

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Post on April 07,2017 01:50#3

Perhaps someone is using BangGood's name on Ebay?  Or selling items they've got from BangGood and using their logo or name in their listings.

I just checked the Aussie Ebay Ali and I was right, someone is using the name of BangGood on every listing.  It's coming from people in Hong Kong and China. It looks like BangGood stock.

One of the names is Itm-Freesh, here;s the link


Plus they are using BangGood's photographs of the item.   And they are triple BangGood's prices

There's another one by the name of makeamericagreatagain2016   working out of Miami Florida  USA.  It seems BangGood's name is being used by a few of them.

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Post on April 07,2017 02:20#4
Maybe it`s our drop ship customers. We have many drop ship customers. 
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Post on April 07,2017 04:01#5

I thought the title would give people a clue!

I am referring to the dropshipping program specifically the Ebay Management Center

While I considered the questions relatively simple clearly or unclearly they are not.

If anyone can shed any light on my questions in post #1 I would be grateful.

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Post on April 08,2017 07:17#6

Wow, a little too much sarcasm there robando.  Usually when I'm wanting information I try to be a little lighter in my approach.  I would have thought you'd be better off contacting the drop shipping team at BangGood rather than posting on a general chat forum. That is what this forum is called and as such it's not somewhere to ask those type of questions.  Send an email to the drop shipping team, I'm sure they will answer your clear or unclear questions.

They'd certainly know more about it than us mere mortals. Good luck, I hope you find the right answers.

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Post on April 09,2017 20:53#7

Hi robando, please contact our drop ship team for details dropship@banggood.com. We will help you.

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Post on April 13,2017 23:02#8
Ya well send me a PM and tell me how you did it I have been asking for 2 years all I was told is you have to click and paste every thing and ck every day . So is there now a secret api or something i"m missing
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Post on April 20,2018 23:39#9

i have my banggood ID linked to ebay ID

anyone can help with bulk orders in "order management"?
i cannot see anything get sync

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Post on November 12,2018 13:01#10
ebay management center on the banggood dropship page

could someone explain how this works please
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