Top 12 Smartphone Lens

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Top 12 Smartphone Lens

What is a smartphone lens?

A smartphone lens is a new and popular phone accessory these days.

It enables the phone built-in camera more possibilities to take pictures in different styles,

for example, it can capture shots in fisheye, focus on the tiny details of a subject, or present a much wilder angle than the original camera.

There are various options when you are looking for a phone lens. The price ranges from a few dollars to dozens of dollars according to the specifications.

What is the best lens for me?

It depends on what kinds of picture style you like.

These lenses can be classified into 3 groups, wild angle lens, fish eye lens and macro lens.

Some lens can capture images in these 3 different settings, while some just have one setting.

Some lens will leave the pictures with small black corners, so be careful before you order.

Most of the lens are designed to be clip-on, which fit all the smartphones, tablets and PCs, so no worry about compatibility.

We just collected the top 12 smartphone lenses. They are popular these days.

Check them now if you are seeking for a lens or have no idea what to order.

Top 12 Smartphone Lens

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