Eachine Wizard X220 : The review

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Post on March 12,2017 18:18#1
Can't review because of missing parts Eachine Wizard X220 : The review
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Post on March 12,2017 18:37#2
1 - Order / Delivery : Box Content

Item was "out of other". I had to wait.
When the box "finally" arrived, i didn't received the 4 motors screw nuts and one of the two carbon fiber wrench was missing. It still missing…….

2 - Build

At first sight the quad looks quiet sturdy.

The config is pretty good...

Some screw weren't correctly screwed. I Will have to totally disassembly the frame to fixe the screw #A1

The 6 stand-offs use 5xM3/6 and 1x M3/8

Unused wire from I0_1 connector (#B1) was snatch. Cable pins are still inside the connector .

Thanks for the headach in case we decide to use any of those unused pins.

No vbat (#C2) so no buzzer (#C1 )
that's awful .

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Post on March 12,2017 18:41#3
Both right leds are power on cam 5v BEC

Camera is power direct on lipo

Both left leds are power on normal 5v.

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Post on March 12,2017 18:52#4
4 - Build Update

1 - Add vBat

First we need Vbat in (From #F1 to #F2) :

#F1 - Solder 2 wires on PDB Battery out pins.
#F2 - Solder 2X2.54 Right angle connector pin.

2 - Add a buzzer

Then solder a 5v Buzzer (#G1). I prefered 2 pins connector.

3 - VTX Fixe :

Set the VTx as Seby Docky advised.

4 - Add a PPM Rx

Make sure the polarity is correct. 

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Post on March 12,2017 19:04#5


I end up with a 372g bad boy (as would have said Stew).

My first flight was FPV. I make sure it hovering in los before.

It was also my very first acro flight (Joshua Bardwell teached me
Later on
mattystunt as Joshua Bardwell will confirm the idea of ideal camera tilt).

Flight was great for a first acro flight eventhough i didn't felt the simulator sensation.

After flight (i flown 3 to 4 battery), i noticed that some screws get unscrewed .

But the only true weak point is the camera by all means. First i would prefer the camera on 5v BEC to stabilize (and clean) courant and reduce heat. Second the camera dynamic range is " (…) horendous (…) ". You're totally right Stew.

Otherwise it definately worth it .

It would even be better if it has a buzzer and a better camera to completly furfill it's purpose.

It is a beginner quad ? You're a beginner and you're fly LOS alone in the desert (in a safe area), yes it is a beginner quad. It would be even better if you know how to solder.

To enjoy it more i decided to (you'll probably have to) tun it up.

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Post on March 12,2017 19:18#6

6 - X220 tuning

A) Remove evrything from the frame to loctite screws.

B) Replace bottom stand-off'' M3/6 screws by  M3/8 screws.

C) Hot glue motors to FC.

D) Connect camera on PDB 5v BEC with an extra jst connector (I also definatelly removed leds and motors protection..).

E) Uncase the 2.4Ghz PPM Rx

F) Add micro MinimOSD

G) Modify the frame to fit the OSD plug...

H) Remove the VTx extension cable (Put the VTx back as it was). Will change those props by 5X4X3 Kingkong.

I) Buy, wait, change the camera as soon as possible . With the Foxeer HS1177 It's a new life

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Post on March 12,2017 19:22#7

7 - Second Tought

I end up with a 360g bad boy (with propellers and without battery). Less cute but more as i wish.

Next i went once again listen to Joshua Bardwell. I learned something then changed some betaflight parameters.

After some flights test, i went straight to the ideal camera tilt point.

Now it flys so great.

Needless to say i truly recommend

*** (...) And Happy Flying (...) ***

X220 ARF || X220 RTF || Foxeer HS1177

For config :

HS1177 AND Sony Super Had II CCD Config

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Post on March 13,2017 13:19#8

Get some spare batteries! Don't take the 2200, too much heavy!


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